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NEW TUTORIAL: Precomposed Flourish

Posted by Jon Geddes
4:06 pm on March 28th, 2009


In this tutorial we go over how to import and use the flourishes that are available for free from our download section and also included in some of our Pro Motion Menu Kits. These flourishes also have animated particles emitting from them, so we also go over how to colorize them and set them up to loop.

Watch Tutorial

Quick Note: This tutorial was recorded with my old microphone, I have since upgraded to a better one. I apologize for any distortion.

4 Responses to “NEW TUTORIAL: Precomposed Flourish”

  1. Mohamad says:

    Thanks!! This website if officially in my bookmarks

  2. lucky says:

    hello jack.nice tutorials.i have seen your products also.those are awesome.

  3. lucky says:

    i am sorry Jon Geddess.because i called jack in above comment.Jon UR TUTORIALS ARE FANTASTIC.NICE WORK.I HOPE U WILL DO A GOOD TUTORIALS FOR US.

  4. peebee says:

    Superb! your description of how and why is the best to be found anywhere. I would gladly pay for a tutorial from start to finish for an anim similar to your webpage promo.
    This is a site to watch.

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