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Enchanted Waters Now Available!

Posted by Jon Geddes
1:56 am on April 29th, 2009

Pro Motion Menu Kit: 02 - Enchanted Waters

The highly anticipated Pro Motion Menu Kit: 02 – Enchanted Waters is now available for purchase!

This advanced motion menu can be used for a large variety of projects, especially Wedding Videos. Go check it out.

Just a few of it’s unique features:

  • Photorealistic Flowing Water Reflections
  • Streaming Particle Effects & Flames Throughout
  • Separate Sound FX & Ambience tracks for more control
  • Ability to Toggle the Flames On and Off with a Switch
  • In addition to the usual custom color controls, easily change the Water Color to anything you like

Now go download it and seriously impress your audience!

Your comments are welcome.

6 Responses to “Enchanted Waters Now Available!”

  1. Mr. Videographer says:

    words cant describe how amazing your menus are. i’ve already started using both menus with a couple weddings and the clients commented to me on how much they loved it!

    you’v made it so easy to change the colors, i love how i can match them to what the bride chose for her wedding. i made all the flowers and bridesmaids match the menu and cover colors. you are definitly going to bring me some more clients this season! thanx for everything.

  2. Precomposed fan ;) says:

    I really love your motion menu kits, Jon!
    And thank you so much for the tutorials, I just downloaded them.

    You caught me – till now I just owned Premiere CS4 and an old AE Std. 6.5. I will upgrade to AE CS4 just to buy and use your motion kits… Great stuff, they are so beautiful!

  3. Luis says:

    Beautiful work…!!! I am just hoping that you keep this project going, it makes everyone else live much easier…. I have not committed myself to video business yet but I am thinking to do so and this is going to be my source to authoring projects.

    Again, excellent – just the best we can find as of today.

    Best of luck in the future.

  4. MotionMan says:

    PLEEEEEEEESSSE could you also make these for Motion 4 for all us FInal Cut Pro users??

    These menus are amazing!!!

  5. Nick says:

    Any suggestion for using this with non-widescreen video?

  6. Jon Geddes says:

    Widescreen is pretty much the standard these days. You could have a widescreen menu with 4×3 video. When you place your footage into the dropzone of the menu, make sure to scale it up so the entire dropzone is filled with video (which will cut a little off the top and bottom). Then use the product normally, with widescreen menus and a 4×3 video.

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