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Updated Product Support

Posted by Jon Geddes
7:53 pm on June 15th, 2009

We’ve received several emails from customers reporting extremely long After Effects render times for our Pro Motion Menu Kit products. I’ve updated the Product Support Page to address some of these issues.

I believe there are many people who don’t fully understand the importance of tweaking the Memory & Multiprocessing settings of After Effects. Unfortunately there is no one setting that is appropriate for everyone. The optimal setting will depend on what kind of processor you have, the amount of ram you have, the operating system you are using, the type of Hard Drive you are using, what programs you might have running in the background, and of course the project you are working on. Projects with high resolution images should benefit from using fewer cpu’s and more ram per cpu, where as projects that don’t require as much ram to render a frame will benefit from more cpu’s with a reduced amount of ram per process.

Suggestions are given on our Product Support Page that worked well for us, however your settings may be different. For those of you who are using our Pro Motion Menu Kits, I recommend testing out your settings on the “Transition_Main_Menu_to_Video” render composition, as it will require the least amount of time to render. Many of our customers were able to reduce their render times by half just by tweaking the Memory & Multiprocessing settings.

To access the settings in AE CS4, go to ‘Edit > Preferences > Memory & Multiprocessing…

To access the settings in AE CS3, first go to ‘Edit > Preferences > Multiprocessing…‘ and (Enable) ‘Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously’.
Then go into ‘Edit > Preferences > Memory & Cache…‘ to make adjustments to the memory settings.

4 Responses to “Updated Product Support”

  1. David says:

    This is great info. Thanks for posting. I will check my settings though on my system I am averaging around 2 hours already so I may be ok. Having used AE in the past I already expected such rendering times.

  2. […] rendertijden van zeker 4 en nog veeeel meer uren mag verwachten afhankelijk van je pc configuratie. Hier reageert hij ook op reacties van enkele gebruikers die extreem lange rendertijden hebben […]

  3. india says:

    i have made all the changes u sugested i have a imac with croe 2duo
    with 2 gig of ram after all the setings it’s saying 18 to 20 hours to render a single seane what to do now

  4. Jon Geddes says:

    Which Pro Motion Menu Kit are you rendering?

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