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Last Minute Tweaks

Posted by Jon Geddes
10:42 pm on October 22nd, 2009

We’ve made a few changes to Retro Fusion before it’s upcoming release:

  1. The font of the subtitle has been changed to a slightly different (and better) one
  2. The text animator for the subtitle has been modified slightly
  3. The scene selection boxes now have little selection graphics next to each one, similar in style to the rounded item selection boxes next to all the menu buttons, for a much nicer way of highlighting each scene box

Instead of making a typical border or icon inside the scene selection box, we went outside the box… literally. It fits in much better with the rest of the button highlight theme and I think you will all like it very much.

We will see if we can get an updated full preview out soon. I thought about showing all of you a picture… but it just isn’t the same. The kit is complete, all we need to do is get the tutorials recorded and web content prepared and this menu is ready to go! Stay tuned!

One Response to “Last Minute Tweaks”

  1. Dan says:

    I’ve been waiting to buy this since it was first announced. Your menus are definitely the best in the industry. No question about it. You could certainly charge more for these kits and people would pay it. There is just no competition for this quality of work. I can see why it takes weeks to make these. It is obvious you are a perfectionist with an extremely high skill level. I’m just glad I get to benefit from it 🙂

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