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Special Features Disc

Posted by Jon Geddes
7:47 am on October 4th, 2009

This quick tip was sent in from Bryan at Guava Street Productions, Inc., a proud user of our Pro Motion Menu Kits:

They often need to create a 2-disc set with all the content they have for a wedding, such as the highlights, full ceremony, toasts, guest comments, photo montage, love story, etc.

On the first disc, they will render out all the menus and assemble the disc normally, fitting the main highlights and as many special features into the disc that space will allow. On the second disc, instead of rendering out all the menus, they will just render out a different Special Features menu, which becomes the main menu when you put in the disc. Less rendering time, and makes more sense.

Just thought I would pass this tip on to all of you using our Pro Motion Menu Kits.

If you have any tips that you guys would like to share with everyone, you can send me an email or post a comment right here in the blog.

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