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Updated Menu Kit Workflow

Posted by Jon Geddes
1:40 pm on November 6th, 2009

Hd to SD Downconversion

We have slightly updated our Pro Motion Menu Kit workflow for those of you needing to create both Blu-ray and DVD menu assets. Instead of rendering out the menus twice for each size, it is much more efficient to render it once for Blu-ray, then just scale those assets down for the Standard DVD, saving you hours of render time.

What we’ve done is created an After Effects project that can be used in two different ways once your HD Menu Assets have been rendered out.

The first option is to open the new HD_to_SD.aep project, drag the appropriate compositions into the render queue, render, and use the new SD assets normally.

The second option is to use the new HD_to_SD.aep project instead of the Dyn_Lnk.aep when dynamically linking your assets into Encore for the Standard DVD menus. This option is usually the preferred, as it doesn’t require the creation of any additional files.

All of our Pro Motion Menu Kit products have been updated to include this additional project file along with instructions on how to use it. If you don’t want to download the entire product over again, you can download just the additional file here:

Just remember to place the HD_to_SD.aep project file into the same directory as your rendered HD menu assets. This project file is for use only with our Pro Motion Menu Kit products.

If you have any questions on how to implement this project file, please feel free to post a message here or send an email to

14 Responses to “Updated Menu Kit Workflow”

  1. Dante says:

    Thank you for the Downconversion but the transition from the main to the scenes menu is wrong.
    It starts as though it is going from main to video but then hits into the scenes

  2. Jon Geddes says:

    Several people have reported having similar issues using the adobe dynamic link (not necessarily related to this downconversion file). We are looking into what is causing the problem, but our early investigation suggests that it could be a cache issue (frames being loaded from your adobe cache folder, from a different transition/menu). We watched the cache folder while cleaning the cache in both Encore and After Effects, and it appears the cache from dynamic linked assets do not get removed. It must be deleted manually. Cache is stored in a couple different locations. Some is stored in the actual project folder for the project you are working on (under “Cache” and “Sources/Menus” and “Sources/Transcodes”), and some is stored in the Database/Cache folders specified in the After Effects Preferences for “Conformed Media Cache” (usually “/My Documents/Adobe/After Effects CS4/” and some other location).

    Try going into all the database/cache locations, clearing them, and try again. Do not delete any *.PSD files from the “/Sources/Menus” folder.

    Another workflow that one of our customers has had great results with is after authoring the blu-ray disc, simply select DVD as the output format in the build settings and encore will transcode everything to DVD properly. You may want to manually replace the blu-ray timeline transcodes with that of SD timeline transcodes (which you may have encoded in a separate program), but this is just another route to go if you want to try.

    EDIT: And yet another alternative (if dynamic link just isn’t working) is to open the HD_to_SD.aep file in After Effects, drag the appropriate compositions into the render queue (the ones you would import into Encore), render out (which goes very quickly), then import the new rendered SD assets into Encore, thus avoiding the dynamic link, and now all your music/soundfx are combined into the .mov’s (useful for the transitions).

  3. Dante says:

    well to fix the problem i went the easy way.
    Imported transition main to scenes clip in as an asset then linked it.
    Works great.

  4. dannyhimself says:

    i follow the tutorial by the open nigth for SD in adobe after effect cs4 on mac, and the result is a folder , only the menu, of 3,92 Gb, how you spected im add the movie and the special material?? if only the menu almost fullish de standard DVD??
    now, not knowing what I do….
    please helpme!!

  5. Jon Geddes says:

    Do not worry about the file size of the menus, as they will be transcoded to mpeg2 before burning to disc, and will only take up a couple hundred megabytes. The menus are rendered out of After Effects into an intermediate codec (Quicktime animation), to allow for maximum quality as Encore/DVDSP will need to render additional graphics into them for the scene selection menus.

  6. dannyhimself says:

    then, as I should?
    the size of the full proyect in encore is 8,52 Gb
    what you recommend me?

  7. dannyhimself says:

    recompresing the movies??
    recompressing the menues??

  8. dannyhimself says:

    help please!!
    can you helapme with this?
    “internal software error: .\Vobulator\BlockPlanner\BlockPlanner.cpp, line 217”


  9. Jon Geddes says:

    What is the duration of all your video content?

  10. Jon Geddes says:

    You wouldn’t happen to have any chapter markers at the end of your timelines would you? Remove them if you do.

  11. danny says:

    thanks! it wors endly!!
    y removed and work
    and sorry for use your web like a forum of adobe encore.
    thansk for oyur patience!.

    hi from chile bro!

  12. dannyhimself says:

    me again….
    y burn my disc with the menu and the intro looped over and over, and don´t go to the main menu, i work now in encore cs3, and y change in the window to “no loop” and final action i linked to main menu as defult , in the preview looks work perfectly, but in the final disc, don´t cross by the intro menu….
    what i doing wrong??
    thank´s again

  13. Jon Geddes says:

    Try removing the intro sequence menu from the project, then re-import and link it up correctly. Please let me know if this fixes your problem.

  14. george says:

    I’m working on large project and wondering is it possible to make an project across 2 or more DVDs, but to have menu only on first one? I’d like to make an project that comes with menu only on firs DVD and when you click on e.g. “special features” you get the message “please insert DVD 2” Is it possible and can you post tutorial (or explain) how to make something like that?
    Thank you!

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