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Posted by Jon Geddes
11:04 pm on January 19th, 2010

All of our products have been updated with our latest CS4 workflow which eliminates any pause after the Intro Sequence, however before we release it, we wanted to add some additional updates to our Pro Motion Menu Kits.

We will be adding a Quick Reference Guide in PDF format for authoring in Adobe Encore so that you won’t have to watch the tutorial every time you author a disc (which you probably do just to make sure you didn’t forget anything). I’m sure many of you will be looking forward to this, as we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from all those we have mentioned it to.

We’ve made a few bug fixes that we discovered such as one that caused an audio glitch in the HD_to_SD.aep project, and we will be updating all our Blu-ray Pop-up menus with smart objects to make customizing the colors much easier (no more Hue/Saturation adjustments!).

These additional updates to our products will take a little bit longer to incorporate, but should be ready later this week or next week sometime.

Until then, we appreciate the many people that are supporting our products. Our recent White Wedding menu has become an instant best-seller, overtaking our previous long standing best-seller, Enchanted Waters.

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  1. indian says:

    o plz plz plz plz any news about the opening titles

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