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New Authoring Services

Posted by Jon Geddes
5:21 pm on February 4th, 2010

Our business is rapidly expanding with the overwhelming success of our Pro Motion Menu Kits, and we are beginning to offer additional services for our customers.

We will now be offering a full array of DVD & Blu-ray authoring services at extremely low prices. No After Effects required, no tying up your system with rendering menus or transcoding of mpeg2 or h264 files.

Simply choose from a variety of our industry leading templates, send us your videos via ftp or hard drive, and we will do everything from the authoring to the packaging, starting at just $200. Have both a Blu-ray and DVD version created for only $350. Professional quality is guaranteed on everything from the rendering to the burning and printing. All services performed within the USA.

If you are interested, please let us know immediately as we will only be allowing a limited number of customers to take advantage of this until we add more systems to our render farm.

For information, please send an email to

8 Responses to “New Authoring Services”

  1. indian says:

    hay good idea man but when will the opening title project will be releasing plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  2. Jon Geddes says:

    We have halted production on an opening titles product as we are shifting the focus of our company from one that just provides motion menu templates, to one that offers a complete solution for authoring, packaging, and delivery.

    Our prices are unmatched in the industry, and are affordable for just about any event video production.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Jon,

    When you say “we are shifting the focus of our company from one that just provides motion menu templates, to one that offers a complete solution for authoring, packaging, and delivery”, do you mean that your’re no longer going to provide menu templates and instead only going to provide the “complete solution” or are you going to offer both options?

    Awsome products BTW. These are the best menus I’ve seen by far.

  4. Jon Geddes says:

    Initially we plan on offering both options, with some exclusive menus only available through our authoring services.

    Over the many years that we have authored and packaged DVD’s and now Blu-ray, we have developed a system that provides the highest quality results through every step of the process. Our HD to SD down-conversions are rivaled only by Hollywood Studio releases, which use compression specialists, meticulously adjusting settings for each scene using ridiculously expensive equipment. The high resolution, full color inkjet printing we do directly on the disc delivers the best results for quantities under 1000. You also get to choose from a growing selection of our industry leading motion menu templates when using our authoring services, whether you have previously purchased the template or not.

    At this time we are working on redesigning the entire website (or possibly just creating a new one) to reflect these big changes. We also have some other services and features in the works that have never been affordable to the event videography and video production industry before. Details on these features will be available on our redesigned website in the coming months.

  5. Mark Ramos says:

    This is the best thing i have heard for the year so far.
    What a Legend, Thank you

  6. David Rennie says:

    Well personally I hope you continue offering DVD menu’s / packaging for a while. For me I can’t see outsourcing the authoring, just wouldn’t fit with our business strategy. I am sure some would not mind off loading this work, but I have a dedicated computer to do this already so it does not tie up our other editing work. Your menu’s are great and as long as you keep offering them you will have a customer in me.

  7. Mike says:

    I completly agree with David. I also have dedicated render farms as well as editing rigs and it would be hard to justify outsourcing the “complete solution”. Please don’t get me wrong, I think your complete soluton is a great idea for many who dont have the time, means, or resources to do it on their own, but I also think you have a large user base that prefers to do it in-house (with the use of your world class templates of course). Your templates truly are among the best I’ve seen and I hope that you continue to provide them as a stand alone option as I too would be a customer for life.

  8. Jon Geddes says:

    We will certainly continue to offer our motion menu templates, as we understand there are many customers who would rather save a few extra dollars and spend all the time doing it themselves.

    But for others, that time is much better spent doing other tasks for their business, and they can relax knowing that the authoring process is left to experienced professionals, who do the best possible encoding, downscaling, colorpsace conversions, bitrate prioritizing, and many other complicated aspects of the authoring process.

    The usual method that people use to create their dvd’s from their final HD edit produces very poor quality results. Our studio quality downconversions make a massive difference in quality, and your clients will notice.

    The best part is that we are not charging what typical authoring houses are for these services, we are offering it for much less, making it affordable for almost any project.

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