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White Wedding Rose Replacement

Posted by Jon Geddes
2:40 pm on March 17th, 2010


We’ve had several people ask if it’s possible to replace the rose in our White Wedding menu with that of a different flower or even a different graphic element entirely. The answer is absolutely yes, and it’s very easy as our templates are designed to be fully customizable.

As you can see in the image above, we have replaced the rose with a lily. All that had to be done was drop the still image of a lily into the rose composition, and it then becomes fully animated, just as the rose was.

The best way to replace the rose is to use another element (in this case, a lily) that is approximately the same size. To do this, I go into Photoshop and open up the Rose.psd file, located in the After_Effects_Project folder of your kit:


I then found an image of a lily with a solid color background (for easy magic wand masking), cut out just the flower, and pasted it into the rose image, and sized / placed it approximately right where the rose was, then turned off the rose layer:


I then used the liquify filter to drag and extend the stem down to the bottom of the frame:


Since the stem shows up so small on the final menu, I didn’t need to be too careful with it’s quality, though the liquify filter will produce very reasonable results.

You can now delete the old rose layer, and save your image with a new filename.

Now go into your menu template in After Effects, and import the new image by right clicking in the Project Panel, then selecting ‘Import > File’. Import kind should be ‘Footage’, then instead of importing Merged Layers, go ahead and select ‘Choose Layer’, then select the layer of the new graphic from the drop-down.

Now open the Rose composition, located in the ‘Pre-comps’ folder of the Project Panel. Drag your new imported layer into the top of the rose composition, place it right over the rose, then turn off the visibility of all other layers in that composition.

Thats it! Your new graphical element will now be integrated into the rest of the menu, and automatically animate just as the rose did.

I hope you all enjoyed this Quick Tip, and learned how easy it is to customize our menus!

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