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Posted by Jon Geddes
5:59 am on July 23rd, 2010

Pro Motion Menu Kit DVD Architect Tutorial

Earlier this month, David McKnight from, posted a nice tutorial on using our Pro Motion Menu Kits with Sony’s DVD Architect authoring software.


We don’t officially support DVD Architect, but we have many Pro Motion Menu Kit users who are using it.

We still highly recommend Adobe Encore for the authoring, but if you have the urge to use a program you are more familiar with, you will find the tutorial on EventDV very helpful.


8 Responses to “ DVD Architect Tutorial”

  1. Thy says:

    Tutorial was great, but there’s a big problem: HOW to see the video thumbnails in the scene selection menu frames, in DVD-A? More: When the rose wipes the frames away, how can I make those vids thumbs follow this movement?

    Is that possible???

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Jon Geddes says:


    The After Effects project has Drop Zones for each chapter box. If you chose to use these drop zones instead of letting your authoring program place the thumbnail into the chapter boxes, you will be able to see the thumbnail content during the transitions.

  3. Thy says:

    Hey Jon,

    Thanks a lot for your quick answer and the usual helpfulness. I watched your tutorials (congrats, you’re an excelent teacher) but unfortunelly I didn’t remember you said (“to see thumbnails during transitions, in After Effects, use pics OR VIDS on the drop zones”)

    😛 Sorry to bug you for something you previously explained on tuts.

    I’m waiting next month to purchase Regal Cinema or any upcoming release.

    Once again, thank you very much.

  4. marcelo says:

    Jon, tks a lot for this amazing tutorial… Just some doubts…

    1-) Is it possible to create Blu Ray pop menu using DVD Architect ? If yes, please, how ?

    2-) If I want to highlight a menu link not with an underline, but with an alpha picture (as the menu Enchanted Waters, the highlights are some stars), how can I do it ?

    In advance, thanks a lot for your help.

    Best Regards


  5. Jon Geddes says:


    We do not use DVD Architect, so unfortunately we cannot provide any assistance with that program.

  6. Is this program compatible with architect studio?

  7. Jon Geddes says:

    We have several users that author our menus in DVD Architect, however we do not officially support this. We highly recommend authoring in Encore.

  8. Marcelo – Bluray pop menus are not a feature of DVD Architect at this time as far as I know (I don’t work for Sony, just a power user / trainer and author of the EventDV article) Depending on your version of DVDA you can do alphas for the highlight. Check the help file or, the best resource I’ve found is the SCS user forum, here: You might find more / better answers in the Vegas forum vs. the DVDA forum. Hope this helps.

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