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Old Encore Snow Leopard Bug

Posted by Jon Geddes
9:05 am on July 19th, 2010

encore highlight snow leopard

We recently had a customer experience a very odd bug which only seems to be occurring on some Mac Snow Leopard configurations. This bug has nothing to do with our products, as it is an Encore bug effecting even those who don’t use our templates, but we thought we should mention it here in case any of our customers encounter it. We have also discovered a solution to the bug.

Bug: Button Highlights do not appear when finished disc is played back on a set-top player, however they do appear normally when played on the computer. Invisible button highlights make menu navigation impossible, and disc cannot be delivered to clients.

Solution: After importing menu into Encore, select the menu and go to ‘Edit > Edit Menu in Photoshop’. Once the menu has been opened in Photoshop, change the naming prefix of the highlight layers from (=1) or (=2) to (=3). For example, if the button highlight of a layer is named “(=1) Highlight 3”, it should be changed to “(=3) Highlight 3”. This changing of the button prefix will cause the button highlight to function normally on a set-top dvd player. You will also need to change the menu color set in Encore so that the (=3) highlight group uses the correct color. This can be done by selecting the menu, then going to ‘Edit > Edit Menu Color Set’.

Effected Encore Versions: CS3, CS4, CS5 (possibly older versions as well)

Effected OS: Mac Snow Leopard

Again, it doesn’t appear all Mac Snow Leopard users are effected by this, so it could be a driver or OS version related issue. If you do encounter it, at least you can quickly resolve it instead of wasting hours trying to troubleshoot.

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  1. Mike Rothman says:

    You’re welcome. 🙂

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