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WEVA Booth and New Logo

Posted by Jon Geddes
1:11 am on September 14th, 2010


Well things are finally starting to calm down after our wildly popular exhibit at the 20th Annual WEVA Expo in Orlando Florida.

Things were so crazy at the show, we didn’t even have time to take pictures during the actual Trade Show hours when people were at the booth.

We really had a great time talking to all the attendees, many of whom are already using our Pro Motion Menu Kits. We heard an amazing amount of positive feedback and some stories you wouldn’t believe.

One of our customers informed us that they had recently booked a client after only showing them the motion menu of the DVD! Apparently the client was so impressed by the menu, they had seen enough and booked them on the spot without even seeing their video. I couldn’t believe it!

You will notice some of our new logo and branding artwork in the picture. After releasing our Zip Kit products, the website is in the queue for an overhaul, enhanced with new graphics, content, and features!

P.S. – the Zip Kits will be out very soon!

3 Responses to “WEVA Booth and New Logo”

  1. Bryan Geddes says:

    Hey everyone…just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Bryan, Jon’s brother, and I had the privilege of traveling to Orlando with Jon to help exhibit at our booth. It was a pleasure to meet you all and have a chance to talk in person about your experience with the products. Jon and I have been working together on greatly increasing the repertoire of menu kits available. I just wanted to encourage you all to send in your ideas/requests for new menu themes so that we can better serve our loyal customer base. I also wanted to thank Ray Roman for his continued support and praise for Precomposed. I had a great time participating in WEVA 2010 and I look forward to seeing many of you again at future events! Keep up the great work!

  2. Luda May says:

    Dear John And Bryan.
    I was very exited to visit your Booth at WEVA EXPO 2010.
    Thank you very much for creating such remarkable product.
    Seeing a creative and talented work as your DVD templates, inspire me to make necessary steps to enhance my videos. Unfortunately, I spend many hours trying to create interesting menus in After Effects but results are not satisfying – I have to concentrate on editing Videos not menus… and safe my home from foreclosure. So even price for template are not extremely High, my financial situation didn’t allow me to by it at present time. But I admire your talent and creation and wish you to continue to gain grate success of this wonderful product.

    Sincerely Luda May

  3. Mandeep Sandhu says:

    Dear Jon,

    Im from the UK, and firstly I would like to say thanks for a magnificent product!, I downloaded both Pro motion menu 2 and 5 and they look fantastic and very proffessional ! Very great for weddings and parties. They have uplifted my wedding films to a highest degree. And I wish you the best of luck, and im hoping to see more on your website very soon !

    Also any chance of you and the team coming down to the UK in London ?? Hoping to see you guys soon !

    Best Regards

    Mandeep Sandhu London UK.

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