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Updated Regal Cinema

Posted by Jon Geddes
3:05 pm on November 18th, 2010

Due to popular demand by our customers, and our own personal demand, we have decided to add a very helpful feature to our Regal Cinema Pro Motion Menu Kit.

In the Custom Color adjustment layer, we have added a “Glow Strength” slider, which allows you to easily control the strength of the glow effects that naturally occur on the bright pixels.

Previously, very bright gold and main title colors were being blown out, causing them to be completely illegible, forcing you to select a much darker color for those elements.

Now with simple control over the glow, you can use much brighter color combinations without having to worry about excessive glare from the light reflections.

To obtain the updated menu, please send a request to along with your valid Order ID.

8 Responses to “Updated Regal Cinema”

  1. Melvin says:

    Hi Jon,
    I sent you a email earlier reference to a issue I have in the build on the Regal Cinema.

    I am receiving a Error code 6 in the final stage of the Auth.
    process of the Blu-ray image build.

    It says:
    Blu-ray Error: “file already exits”, Code: “6”, Note: “IG button exceeds video bounds.

    Please help if you can.


  2. Jon Geddes says:


    We have responded to your support request by email.

  3. Melvin says:

    Thanks Jon for your help!

  4. Ursu Nicolae says:

    It was very interesting to have the response for Melvin here since is not the only ho get this error and not only on that menu kit.
    I use kit 2 and encored the same error sometimes .
    Usually i start over again with new project in new location , after cleaning database and cache , but if you know what exactly mean the error and a better workaround i would appreciate very much.
    I know that this threat is not a general discussion but i am very curios about a preview to zip menus …..
    Keep up the good work !
    Ursu Nicolae

  5. Jon Geddes says:

    Melvin discovered that his Encore was having issues with the Pop-up menu of our Regal Cinema kit. He opened the pop-up menu in Photoshop, selected all layers, scaled them down just slightly, and saved. This seemed to have resolved the error message during the build process.

    We are looking into this issue, however we have not been able to recreate it on our end. Our Encore has no issues building a Blu-ray project using the Regal Cinema pop-up menu.

    Again, the exact error message he was receiving is:

    Blu-ray Error: “file already exits”, Code: “6″, Note: “IG button exceeds video bounds.

  6. bogdan says:

    Hello, I have a problem with scene menu in regal cinema, and i need your help so much. when i edit the project all of it its fine but when i preview or whach the final dvd after render it, the butons do not appear in the scene menu, it is very odd because in the project editing they do apear. please help me with this cause i spend 2 days already looking for an answer. thank U

  7. Jon Geddes says:

    Please send support requests to along with your Order ID.

    Thank you.

  8. Syed says:

    For some reason the buttons for the menu in Encore are not generating. I am not able to click on “play” or any other buttons. Any suggestions?

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