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Major Update Now Available

Posted by Jon Geddes
12:37 am on June 23rd, 2011

We have just officially released a major update to all our Pro Motion Menu Kits.

This update is available for FREE to all existing customers.

To receive your updated product, please send an email to with your Order ID(s) along with a request to reactivate your download(s).

This is update is HUGE! Check out all the new features below…

Updated Pro Motion Menu Kit Features:

  • Universalized After Effects templates now support all language versions
  • All newly recorded tutorials featuring closed captions, table of contents, and search
  • Updated workflow to prevent problems, improve understanding, and increase efficiency
  • Updated folder structure of kit for better organization
  • Updated License Agreement
  • Added draft renders of the menus for music editing
  • Added new label guide to label template
  • Added version to zip filename
  • Created Drop Zone for Rose Element on White Wedding
  • Many optimizations to improve render times
  • Changed button highlight layers for better compatibility with Snow Leopard
  • Additional minor tweaks to many of the menus

9 Responses to “Major Update Now Available”

  1. Webbs says:

    Is it me, or are an awful lot of these tutorials not published yet? There only seems to be a handful at the moment (e.g. only ‘Butterfly Bliss’ has a tutorial in section 2. Customize the Motion Menu in After Effects ).

  2. Jon Geddes says:

    The only tutorials not published yet are the very short ones showing the actual customizing of each menu. They will be uploaded over the course of the next week, as we are just finishing up the editing and closed captions for them. All the important tutorials are available, including the overview, workflow, After Effects overview / rendering, Encore Authoring, and Packaging template overview.

  3. Kenny says:

    Hi Jon

    I was going through the video tutorial for RENDERING and the video stops at 7:23 minutes and does not continue after that.

    Can you check and advice.

  4. Jon Geddes says:


    I just tested and it is working perfectly. Please refresh your browser window and try again. Thank you.

  5. Darin says:

    Hi Jon,
    Did you ever figure out how to make the BD menu loop without a long pause or studder? Is this fixed with the major update?

  6. Jon Geddes says:

    We figured out how to make all the menu transitions seamless except for the loop point on the main menu. When we apply our fix to that particular menu, the button highlights do not show up. We are considering making a tutorial to fix all the other transitions though.

  7. mike says:

    I love the format & quality of the tutorial… what app are you using to create them.

  8. Jon Geddes says:

    We use Camtasia Studio 7 to create the new tutorials with captions and search functions.

  9. DO says:


    just to clarify, is there a tutorial on the transitions bug yet? are there still plans to make one? This is holding me from making a purchase as I’ve played an encore authored disc before and my player displays black for a second or so before transitions! So frustrating!

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