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Minor Template Updates

Posted by Jon Geddes
2:32 pm on May 14th, 2012

We’ve gone through all of our Pro Motion Menu Kits and made some minor updates and fixes.

The changes mostly consisted of updating the clickable area of all the menu buttons for improved menu navigation when viewing on a computer. We recently released a tutorial that demonstrated how to do this with a menu for Encore, however the technique had not been implemented into all of our templates. All of our templates now have this feature implemented.

Another change we made was to  disable the audio of all the drop zones. We had several customers complain that after dropping video into the main menu drop zone or scene selection drop zones, the audio from those videos were being heard in the menu, which was undesirable. The audio of a clip can easily be disabled after it has been placed into an After Effects composition, though this step can often be overlooked, forcing a re-render of the menu or an audio dub to correct the problem. Audio has been disabled on all drop zones now, and only imported music and/or the included sound effects will be heard.

We’ve also implemented a minor change in the Blu-ray button highlights for kits 9 and 10 to avoid a bug introduced in Encore CS6 which the Encore engineers have acknowledged but not fixed yet.

Several other minor changes have been made to various kits. Details on all the changes can be found at the bottom of each menu’s product page, under the Version History.

To receive the latest updated kits, please send an email to support along with your valid Order ID(s).

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