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Updated Opening Night

Posted by Jon Geddes
11:12 am on July 26th, 2012

Due to customer requests and our own lengthy experience using the Opening Night template, we have decided to modify the way in which the scene selection boxes reflect other lights in the scene. The old method was to have the surface of the scene selection box “Accept Lights” which would cause it’s color to heavily be affected by any lights shining on it. By default, there is a very strong blue colored light that illuminates the scene selection menu, which causes the boxes to have a very blue color, regardless of the content in them. See below as an example…

Although this creates a more realistic environmental effect, it can make the menu have less of a pop when the background and foreground have a strong colorized hue all in the same color. So, we have decided to change those scene boxes to ignore other lights in the scene, thus making them display the natural color of the original content in the boxes. Example below…

If you would like to receive this update (v3.2), please send an email to support requesting a reactivation of your download. Please provide your order ID for reference. Thank you.

This is probably the last CS3 update to our existing Pro Motion Menu Kits. Future updates will likely require CS4 or above. Enjoy!

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