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Full Service Authoring, Duplication/Replication, Packaging, and Delivery
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I need to make revisions to a project?

Typo with a name? Client demands footage be added or removed? Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, whether it's your fault or your client's, and we don't feel you should have to eat the cost of that. This is why we offer 1 free revision per project!

Revisions typically consist of replacing/adding video assets, modifying text on menus, or making changes to the cover and/or label. If we are providing the duplication for your project, you will be charged for replacement discs. If additional revisions need to be made after that, you will only be charged a small amount for the specific service that is performed, such as re-encoding the video or re-authoring the DVD or Blu-ray.
How can I make this process the most efficient and as streamlined as possible?

Once we do an initial project, we can develop a very streamlined process for all future projects. This might include using the same music for each project, the same chapter titles, the same main title, colors, etc. After doing this you can just mail us a drive with the main videos and menu images/videos, send us an email with the number of copies you need, any unique text for the templates, images for the cover & label, and the shipping address. We will take care of the rest!
Do I need to fill out a project info form for each project?

No. If many of your projects are very similar and most of the information is the same across multiple projects, we only need the unique information for that particular project which can be submitted in a simple email.
Do I first need to purchase the template from before it can be authored with my project?

No. There is no need to purchase a template unless you would like to use our template to create the Cover and Label artwork yourself, or if you would like to do the authoring yourself.
Can I upload some assets via FTP and submit the other assets on a portable drive?

What is the turnaround time for a typical project?

You can expect your project to be completed within 3-5 business days after we receive all the assets and information.
Do you accept both Mac and PC formatted drives?

When do I receive my drive back?

Your drive will be mailed back with the final product.
How much content can I fit on a single DVD or Blu-ray disc?

For typical mixed content footage with moderate movement, we prefer to not encode below 5 mbps for DVD’s, which allows up to 1h 45m of video on a single layer disc. If you will be using a Dual Layer DVD, we can author up to 3h 20m on a single disc. For Blu-ray content, we generally like to keep the bitrate above 17 mbps, which allows for approximately 2h 55m on a single layer disc, and 6h 00m on a Dual Layer disc. If your project will be authored on both DVD and Blu-ray, you will need to consider the space limitations on both formats. We can always create a multi-disc set for projects exceeding the space limitations of a single disc.
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