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Happy Easter

Posted by Jon Geddes
10:55 am on April 10th, 2009

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter. If you don’t celebrate it, that’s ok too. Just have a nice Sunday!

Quick News Update: I felt the enchanted waters menu was missing something and I was finally able to put my finger on exactly what that was. It’s just going to take a couple days to implement it, then I can start recording the tutorial for the menu! We also have a new tutorial and more free downloads in the works, so keep your peepers open!

SNEAK PEEK: Enchanted Waters

Posted by Jon Geddes
3:48 pm on April 3rd, 2009

Before everybody packs up for the weekend, I just wanted to show you a sneak peek of the upcoming:

 Pro Motion Menu Kit: 02 – Enchanted Waters


It is still in the early design phase, so some changes can and will probably be made.

Just some of the neat features you can expect from this menu:

  • Photorealistic water reflections
  • Seamless looping particle storms
  • Ability to change the flames to a solid border with a simple checkbox

If only you guys could see this in motion… a still image doesn’t do it justice.