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Full Service Authoring, Duplication/Replication, Packaging, and Delivery
Why Do You Need Our Services?

Never before has such high quality, custom motion menu authoring and packaging been affordable for event videography and video production. Our expertise will not only save you countless hours, but provide you with the most professional quality product ready to be delivered to your client.
How the Process Works

Simply send us your finished edited video by FTP or external drive, select any one of our industry leading templates for your project, and we will do everything from authoring to packaging and delivery.

To get started with your first project, simply download and complete our Project Info Form (PDF) and read over the Project Submittal Guide (PDF).

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our authoring services. Please send inquiries to
The Complete Authoring Package

We've created a complete package that includes all the typical services which can also be customized to suit your needs. This package includes the following: Studio Quality HD to SD Conversion (if necessary) • Studio Quality MPEG2 (DVD) / H.264 (Blu-ray) Encoding • Customization of any Pro Motion Menu Kit • Complete authoring • Customization of Cover and Label template • Delivery of .iso image file(s) and print files

Our complete authoring package is competitively priced at $199 for a DVD or Blu-ray project. For a DVD and Blu-ray version of the same project, the price is only $349. Fully packaged DVD copies are only $7 each. Fully packaged Blu-rays are $13 each. Volume discounts available for 10 or more copies. We can quickly provide a quote for you based on the services you need as well as the number of discs you need. Feel free to contact us at info@precomposed for specific pricing. Information about our free project revisions can be found in our FAQ.
Superior Quality

We only use Premium Quality Falcon Media Pro Glossy Discs (the best in the industry) • Full Color Photo Quality Printing of Cover Insert on Luster Paper • Use of Commercial Grade DVD and Blu-ray Cases (custom packaging also available) • Slow Burn Speed to Eliminate Errors • Lifetime Disc Replacement Warranty
Duplication and Replication

We have no minimum or maximum volume restrictions. We can duplicate (burn) as few as one copy, or replicate (press) in quantities of 500 or more.

Ray Roman"When I discovered Precomposed, I couldn't believe that I had finally found a company that would handle all my post-production authoring work. It used to take us at least 2 days to render DVD motion menus, transcode films and print DVD covers. That headache has been out of our lives for 3 years thanks to Precomposed. Between the high quality work, great customer service and unbelievable price, Precomposed is simply a no-brainer for us. I highly recommend this service to all wedding and event filmmakers!"
- Ray Roman, Ray Roman Films

Travis Cossel"Thank you Precomposed for making my life easier. Not only do you do an outstanding job with authoring all of my DVD and Blu-ray projects, but you continually go above and beyond. Your service has freed up valuable time in our studio, while at the same time increasing the value of the product we deliver to our clients. On top of all of this, you are one of the nicest guys I know, Jon. You genuinely care for our business and always strive to find ways to help us improve what we're doing. You guys are ... simply put ... the best. Thanks!"
- Travis Cossel, Serendipity Studios

Matt Davis“At Life Stage Films, we are always trying to "wow" our clients and surprise them by impressing them with the "smaller things". Those little touches that really make them feel they purchased a Hollywood movie from us instead of a cheesy wedding video DVD. Precomposed menus are our way of blowing them away before they even watch our work. And we constantly hear from our families that it made a huge impression on them. Raise the bar. Get these templates. Do it.” - Matt Davis, Life Stage Films
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