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Retro Fusion Now Available!

Posted by Jon Geddes
8:45 pm on November 3rd, 2009

Pro Motion Menu Kit: 06 - Retro Fusion

Pro Motion Menu Kit: 06 – Retro Fusion is now available for purchase!

This is currently one of my personal favorites. Many advanced expressions were used to create all of the exciting special effects, allowing much of it to be completely automated. The colors are very fun to play around with, as you can easily create perfect combinations from all colors of the spectrum. With this menu having a more generic theme, it can be used for any kind of video!

Retro Fusion’s Features:

  • Animated 3D Cube Emitting Particles as it Spins
  • Sunbursts, Energy Streams, Lens Flares, & More
  • Two Custom Content Drop Zones Displaying Multiple Videos or Still Images of Your Choice
  • Multiple Sub-menus & More!

Head on over to Retro Fusion’s product page to see all the submenus, cover artwork, and features!