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White Wedding 2 Now Available!

Posted by Jon Geddes
4:14 am on June 30th, 2014


Our most popular wedding template just got better!

Pro Motion Menu Kit 18: White Wedding 2

This is a new and improved version of our White Wedding and True Romance templates, fused into the ultimate wedding design! This edition features a fully modernized and refreshed cover and label design guaranteed to impress. We’ve improved the menu customization with the ability to select anywhere from 1 to 8 scene selection boxes. It also features easy color adjustments, video or still image Drop Zones, and seamless menu transitions with sound effects.

Go check it out!

Serenity Now Available!

Posted by Jon Geddes
12:16 am on June 23rd, 2014

Just when you thought our designs couldn’t get any better…

Announcing the release of Pro Motion Menu Kit 17: Serenity!



What a perfect name for this simple and serene design. Everything fades and slides so smoothly, you are left in a peaceful and mesmerized state of mind.

Works great for weddings and just about everything else.

Watch the Video Preview & See all the features

Sentimental Moments Now Available!

Posted by Jon Geddes
5:09 pm on June 1st, 2014

Our latest Pro Motion Menu Kit 16: Sentimental Moments is now available!



Your clients and viewers will love this “sentimental” design complete with animated flourishes, subtle particles, soft flickering lights, and seamless transitions. The default colors are neutral for a variety of projects, but can be completely customized for your branding or event.

This template works great for weddings, birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate, and more. Simple, elegant, and versatile. Perfect for most projects.

Watch the Video Preview & See all the features

Simply Modern Now Available!

Posted by Jon Geddes
11:22 pm on March 17th, 2013

An all new True 3D Motion Menu Template has just been released!

If you’ve been waiting for a menu that exemplifies the modern look and feel of your brand, then our newest template is perfect for you!

It features a photorealistic frame and background that has been pre-rendered using the 3D Studio Max Mental Ray engine, providing detailed shadows and specular highlights that are simply not possible with After Effects alone.

The tutorials are packed full of helpful tricks for achieving the best results, including a photo enhancement demonstration using selective blurring and burning.

Before & After:

That’s not all! A new feature with this template is the ability to specify any number of scene selection boxes you want from 1 to 8. You simply type in the number of boxes you desire, and they magically appear and optimally arrange.

The best part about this template is it’s versatility. You can use it for Weddings, Corporate, Sports, Birthdays… you name it, this design will look good with it!

Watch the Video Preview of Simply Modern & See All Its Features

Classic Harmony Now Available!

Posted by Jon Geddes
12:05 am on January 31st, 2013

The moment you’ve been waiting for…

The release of an all new Pro Motion Menu Kit from Precomposed!
Presenting… Classic Harmony

Adding to our collection is another design based on a very popular Zip Kit. We received such a positive response from our recently released “Rays of Light” (another Zip Kit conversion), that we decided to do it again!

This very simple and elegant design now has all the customization of a Pro Motion Menu Kit, including easy color adjustments, video or still image Drop Zones, seamless menu transitions enhanced with sound effects, and a feature allowing you to instantly toggle between using 4 or 6 scene selection boxes!

You must see the menu transitions of this template. They are simply mesmerizing!

Watch the Video Preview of Classic Harmony