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HD to SD DVD – Best Methods

Posted by Jon Geddes
3:24 am on July 24th, 2009

Anyone who has edited HD footage and has had to output to an SD DVD is well aware of the shortcomings of today’s NLEs. Whether you are using Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro, when you export your HD footage to MPEG2 DVD, the results are very poor. In fact, you might be thinking to yourself that it would look better had it been recorded in SD to begin with. Well you would be correct. The problem with current editing software is that they use very bad downscaling algorithms, the math that is used to convert a higher resolution source to a lower resolution output, leaving you with footage that is almost unusable. In this article, I will primarily focus on Premiere and the PC, as I still haven’t found an equally good alternative on the Mac. Final Cut users, please read the update at the bottom of the article.

Why both companies release their software year after year without offering the ability to export a high quality mpeg2-dvd file continues to go unanswered.  As an example, here are some screenshots comparing HDV 60i footage, shot on a Canon XH-A1, that was downscaled using Adobe Premiere CS4 (through the Adobe Media Encoder) versus the same footage that was edited in Premiere and downscaled using a 3rd party application:

Downscaled using Adobe Media Encoder - 7Mbit CBR

Downscaled using Adobe Media Encoder - 7Mbit CBR

Downscaled using 3rd Party Application - 7Mbit CBR

Downscaled using 3rd Party Application - 7Mbit CBR

Your footage comes out looking very low resolution using the Adobe Media Encoder’s downscaling, especially noticeable on titles.

Adobe has recently made some attempt to offer an option to have better quality rendering. In CS4, they have added an option to the Sequence Properties to enable “Maximum Render Quality” aka MRQ. With this little box checked off, your Adobe Media Encoder will take FOREVER to render, and here are the results:

Downscaled using Adobe Media Encoder w/ MRQ - 7Mbit CBR

Downscaled using Adobe Media Encoder w/ MRQ - 7Mbit CBR

As you can see, the results are much better than before, however there is noticeably more artifacts and strong ringing around high contrast areas. It looks as if the text has a black stroke effect applied. Lets not forget, it took the Adobe Media Encoder horribly long to render this out, where as our 3rd party application (which I will get into later) takes far less time and looks better!

If you are satisfied with the results of the Maximum Render Quality image and don’t care if it takes 5x – 10x longer to render, then you can stop here. For those of you who care about achieving the best quality downconversion using completely free utilities… keep on reading.

Before we go any further, I would like to give credit to Dan Isaacs who has devoted so much of his time to perfecting a downscaling workflow and offer his knowledge to the community, frequently posting in the Adobe user-to-user forums.  He does have a tutorial on his website, however it is a little outdated and his most recent improvements in the workflow are found by scouring through posts in the Adobe forums. I will be going over his methods and offering some additional suggestions when possible.

At first you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the steps involved and programs you will need to download, but I assure you, the process goes quickly and the results are spectacular.

The basic steps of the workflow involve:

  • Exporting your Video out of Premiere
  • Downscaling and applying other filters to enhance the image
  • Encoding to mpeg2

Lets go through each step at a time so you get a better understanding of why we do each process and why there are so many additional tools you must download.

Exporting out of Premiere:

The ideal way would be to have Premiere deliver it’s frames directly to a second application without compressing, altering it, or exporting a huge file. This was easily done in Premiere CS3 using the Debugmode Frameserver plugin. Unfortunately since Adobe has shifted all the exporting to the Adobe Media Encoder in CS4, frameserving is not currently possible. So we must export in a format that is near lossless, renders quickly, and doesn’t take up too much space. There is one format that pretty much meets all those requirements, and that is MPEG2 I-frame. If you have a Matrox editing card, go ahead and export using the Matrox MPEG2 I-frame codec at 100 Mbits/sec. If you don’t have the Matrox codec, you can still configure the Adobe Media Encoder to export to MPEG2 I-frame.

The output settings for MPEG2 can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with all it’s terms. I highly recommend you download these:

Adobe Media Encoder CS4 presets for 100Mbps MPEG-2 I-frame 4:2:2

Once you download and extract them to any folder, simply select MPEG2 as the output format in AME, click the icon to import a preset, then select the downloaded preset which matches your source footage.

Downscaling & Processing:

Once you have exported your HD master out of Premiere, its now time to apply advanced algorithms to the footage which will scale it down and do all kinds of optimizations for dvd playback. The free program you must download to do this is:

AviSynth 2.5.8 ST Official Build

The program basically works like this; you create a script (commands in a text document) in the same location as your HD master export, which tells AVISynth what file to load and what effects/filters you want applied to it. AVISynth does not actually export your file, but rather does all the processing of the effects and filters, and delivers those processed frames to another application. Unfortunately Encore is not capable of importing the .avs file that the program generates, however many other programs and mpeg encoders are, such as Procoder, HC Encoder, and Virtual Dub among many others.

Dan Isaacs has provided a plugin/preset he created for AVISynth that does just about everything for you. Download it here:

hd2sd() conversion package for AviSynth

Instructions for how to use his conversion package are included in the zip file. No additional plugins for AVISynth are required, since Dan has provided all of them for you in the zip file. Please take the time to read through his documentation. It explains all the different settings and how to tweak them, in addition to how to configure it for different footage types such as 24p, 30p, PAL, NTSC, 4×3, 16×9, etc.

If you think all of this is starting to go over your head, its really not that difficult, especially if you have HD 60i source footage, your script will probably consist of just this:


That’s it.

Now that your script is done, it might be ready to import into your mpeg encoder. If you will be using Encore to encode your mpeg2 file, you must create an AVI file that can be imported into the program. Having encore encode the mpeg2 file won’t look that bad since the quality issues mainly came from the downscaling which has already been done. The program you will need to install in order to open the AVISynth script and save as an AVI is called:


By default Virtual Dub will export an uncompressed AVI file, which takes up huge amounts of space. I highly recommend downloading and installing the free:

Lagarith lossless codec

Once you install the codec and Virtual Dub, follow these instructions:

  1. Run VirtualDub
  2. Open your .avs script file in VirtualDub
  3. In VirtualDub, go to Video : Compression and select the Lagarith lossless codec
  4. Also set VirtualDub to use Video : Fast recompress mode
  5. Save your output to lagarith.avi
  6. Import lagarith.avi into Encore for transcoding and authoring

Encoding to MPEG2:

If you will be using Encore to encode, you should know where to go from here. I would suggest VBR 2-Pass encoding for best results, with a max bitrate of 8 Mbits, target of 7 Mbits, and minimum of 2 Mbits. You may need to adjust the target bitrate depending on how much content you need to fit on the disc.

If you want near studio quality mpeg encoding using a free program, I recommend downloading and installing HC Encoder which delivers extremely high quality results. A high quality mpeg encoder will produce slightly better looking video at greatly reduced bitrates, causing the file sizes to be much lower (did you ever wonder how hollywood movies are able to fit so much high quality video content on a single dvd? Its from using a good encoder).


There sure are a lot of steps to get a quality downconversion out of Premiere. Once you go through the entire process one time and get all the programs you need, you will realize it’s not that complicated and moves along quite quickly.

One of the drawbacks to this method is that you cannot export chapter markers out of Premiere. You can always create them in Encore, or you can render out a draft quality mpeg2 file from Premiere with chapter markers intact, import that into Encore, then replace the asset with the high quality version and your chapter markers will remain.

I look forward to the day when Adobe offers some good quality downconversions. But until then… this is one of the best methods to use.

UPDATE: Apparently the latest version of Apple Compressor (3.5) is producing even worse downconversion results than the previous version (3.05). However, after comparing both versions, even with the best quality resize setting applied under the frame controls, the results are still extremely poor compared to using AVISynth and the hd2sd script.

Final Cut Users: Export a contained Pro Res 422 HD quicktime out of Final Cut, load it onto a windows system, and use the method above starting with the “Downscaling and Processing”. Your Pro Res file will be loaded by the script without issues.

UPDATE 2: For those of you interested in following this topic on the Adobe forums, where Dan Isaacs and Jeff Bellune are posting responses and even more helpful details to this workflow and process, please read this thread.

UPDATE 3: Jeff Bellune has recorded a nice video tutorial of this workflow that can be seen here.  I highly recommend watching it if you were confused in any way by this article.

UPDATE 4: There has been a good deal of discussion in forums about CS5 having greatly improved downscaling quality, and some believe the method outlined in this article is no longer necessary. It is true that the downscaling quality has greatly improved only when using the Mercury Playback Engine (read this post), however, it’s quality is still inferior to the hd2sd script. For many, the results of the improved downscaling of CS5 with Mercury Playback enabled may be good enough (and not require as many steps). But for those who demand the absolute best quality achievable, the hd2sd script should still be used.

198 Responses to “HD to SD DVD – Best Methods”

  1. Abe says:

    Awesome tips, thanks a lot!

  2. Jeff Pulera says:

    Thank you for providing this valuable info for those that can use it, but for Matrox RT.X2 users, it seems bit redundant to create a Matrox .avi, then also use the scripts. Simply open a Matrox DV Widescreen project, and Import the Matrox MPEG-2 I-Frame HD file to the timeline. The Matrox hardware offers good quality downscaling in realtime, taking Adobe “out of the equation” in the area of scaling, so the user need only Export to MPEG-2 from Adobe to get clean results at that point.

    Perhaps Dan’s scripts will yield even better results, haven’t tried, but the Matrox method does eliminate the scaling issues typically seen from Adobe with HDV to DVD and looks good to me.


    Jeff Pulera
    Safe Harbor Computers

  3. Jon Geddes says:

    Thank you for the tip as it may help some of our readers. Dan’s method does provide a better quality downconvert, however those who may not want to go through the trouble of using separate programs might try the suggestion you gave.

  4. Marc-Julien Objois says:

    Very good tip.

    Missing from the article: the appropriate amount of outrage that you need to go through all this to get good quality video when expensive software that used to be industry standard is incapable of yielding acceptable results.

  5. Natan says:

    I am a newbie to AviSynth, and all of this, and have 2 questions:

    1. How do I make the 16:9 HD footage downconvert to 4:3 SD with top/bottom letterboxing? Dan Isaacs’ instructions indicated that it would be:

    WidescreenType = -2,

    but when I typed this in at the end of my script, Virtual dub did not recognize the file.

    2. How to I incorporate the audio into the file into this process. I did a test, using AviSynth, Virtual Dub, and finally HC encoder and did not get audio (I also got squeezed 4:3 footage, hence issue #1).

  6. Jon Geddes says:

    1. Make sure your syntax is correct. Your script should be something along the lines of:

    hd2sd(“myfile.avi”, WidescreenType = -2)

    2. The audio is almost always done separately when dealing with encoding. From Premiere, you would export the audio as a wav file, then import this into Encore where it gets transcoded to ac3.

  7. Natan says:

    Thanks for the quick response Jon.

    If I’m using HC Encoder (I started using it after reading this article), how do I merge the wav file with the mpeg2 video? Also, more generally, where can I get a nice primer on getting good settings with HC Encoder?

  8. Dan says:

    Hi, my ‘HD_master.m2v’ is in 16:9 format (1920\1080 60i), exported from Premiere CS4 using the downloaded preset. Viewing this file it certainly is 16:9.

    However, getting a 16:9 file exported out of virtuadub (to put into Encore) is proving dificult as it always seems to end up a vertically stretched 4:3. My avs script reads as follows:

    hd2sd(“HD_master.m2v”, OutputColorSpace=”YUY2″, OutputBFF=true)

    Any help seriously appreciated, thanks

  9. Jon Geddes says:

    Virtual Dub does not export pixel aspect ratio information. In Encore, you must select your imported clip in the project panel, right click and go to interpret footage, then force it to conform to the proper pixel aspect ratio.

    If you use a separate application to do the mpeg encoding, that is where you would specify the 16:9 pixel aspect ratio so that your imported mpeg file into encore would already have the 16:9 flag set.

  10. Jim says:

    I am also a newbie to avisynth and hc encoder.

    I want to use the avisynth-hc encoder to create my SD m2v file.

    I have installed avisynth, and put the various files in the avisynth plugin folder. I have also loaded hc encoder.

    I have exported the file “Test1.m2v” from Premiere media encoder using the 100mbps preset. The original file in premiere was in HDV converted by Cineform Neoscene.

    I then launched HCgui_023.

    I then clicked on the “input file name” button .

    I then browsed to “C:\users\videos\test.avs” and clicked on it. “C:\users\videos” is the folder containing the video file and the “test.avs” file.

    I get the following error
    “error loading avisynth script, I don’t know what “avisynthPluginDir” means (C:\program files\avisynth 2.5\plugins\hd2sd.avsi”

    obviously, I am doing something wrong.

    Any help is appreciated.

  11. Jim says:

    Sorry, I left out some important info.
    The file “test.avs” in the same folder as “test1.m2v”. The contents of the file is 1 line

  12. Dan says:

    Thanks very much Jon, wasn´t expecting it to be that easy!

  13. Jon Geddes says:


    First, make sure your script has the same spelling as the file name. In your post, the script uses a capital “T” where as your video uses a lowercase “t”.

    Second, confirm that you placed the hd2sd content into the proper folder. Do not place the folder “AviSynth 2.5 plugins” into the AviSynth folder. You must place all the contents of the “AviSynth 2.5 plugins” folder into the following location:
    “C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins”

    Make sure you also installed the included fftw3.dll into your system32 folder as the instructions indicate.

  14. David Hutchinson says:

    Thank you for this John, it’s the first time have had it explained to me in a way I can understand! 🙂

    So now I have my dvd encoded (via HC Encoder) assets and blu-ray encoded versions too. I want to put them into your butterfly bliss menu, but I only want one project. How do I import the blu-ray assets and then manually point encore CS4 to the DVD versions of both the motion menus and content assets? This seems so simple but I can’t see how to do it!

  15. Jon Geddes says:

    I personally would start a new project for the SD version to avoid any problems with encore. It shouldn’t take too long to do, especially if you just did it for the HD version and can skim through the tutorial if necessary.

  16. djaqib says:

    hey i havn’t done any HD footage videos mostly sd videos.. do u guys recommend HC encoder over adobe media encoder? will i see any quilty diffrence? i do wedding videos so alot of time i exceed 120 mins.. my videos are usuly around 140-150mins


  17. David Hutchinson says:

    OK John, thanks for the advice – which I will take.
    djaqib – I’ve just done my first project in HCencoder and the quality improvement for me has been striking.

  18. Genesco says:

    Joined the thread late, I’m a bit lost – what do I actually do in Avisynth, I have typed an avs as per thread, and installed the plugins, I understand that the program causes virtualdub to think it is dealing with filtered video, whats confusing me is that I use virtual dub and create an avi – (in my test I used hd2sd(“name of my file”) that seemed to work, then I opened HCencoded input file is fine, but what should the output file be? I am thinking I use one or the other …… Help

  19. Jon Geddes says:

    HC Encoder is only creating an mpeg2 dvd video, which is an .m2v file. So you “input” your avs script file into HCEncoder, and you “output” your mpeg2 video file.
    You have 2 options for encoding in HC Encoder:
    Option 1) You can bypass Virtual Dub completely, and load your .avs script into HCEncoder and it will do all the downscaling/processing and encoding at once. Since you are doing 2 passes of encoding in HCEncoder, it is going to re-process the downscale on the second pass which will make it take a little longer.

    Option 2) You can use Virtual Dub to load the avs file, then export an SD AVI of your video just as the article explains. Once the downconversion has been rendered out, you can then create a new avs script to load that SD video into HC Encoder. The new script will not do any hd2sd conversion, and will simply consist of this:


    (Of course you will modify the path and filename to that of your own video)

    If you do it this way, HC Encoder does not have to do any advanced pre-processing on the video before it encodes to m2v, and it can improve your rendering time.
    As others have said, you will be impressed by the quality of HC Encoder compared to the Adobe Media Encoder, and it’s worth it to do the few extra steps (which don’t take that long). All you’re doing is creating a new text document, renaming the extension to .avs, entering in one short line of text, and loading that into HC Encoder.

  20. Genesco says:

    Thank you so much for your response, Okay i get it now, I am exporting from Liquid Chrome (fusing) to get a .m2v file at 1440×1080 is this okay as the starting point or should I export something else? I could not match the process from premier at start of thread

  21. Genesco says:

    Already seeing an improvement. This is exciting stuff, now just need to tweak the avs to match my needs what should it look like?

    I have progressive 1440×1080 hdv , need to go to pal it created 720 x480 how do i get 720×576?

    what other features have worked for others? eg sample avs’

    thanks in advance

  22. Jon Geddes says:


    If your source is progressive PAL (25 fps), your script should look something like this:

    hd2sd(“myfile.m2v”, Interlaced=false, OutputFieldRate=25)

    If for some reason it is still outputting 720×480 (which it shouldn’t), then you can force it by adding the parameter: OutputHeight=576

  23. Brad Kirby says:

    How to get prestine progressive DVDs from HDV 1080i source.

    It’s 2 years since I developed this work flow. If you would like true progressive picture quality on you DVDs from 1080i HDV source material this is what I do. This workflow uses readily available freeware tools. After using HDTV2MPEG2, I am able to open up the HDV material in VirtualDub MPEG-2 version. This can take 10 minutes to open for 1 hour of HDV material.
    At this stage it will be 1080 X 1920 interlaced. (The true horizontal resolution is 1440)
    In VirtualDub I use the following filters to get to pure 720 X 480 progressive.
    Using the deinterlace filter select Discard field 2.
    At this stage it will be 540 X 1920 pure progressive at 29.97 frames per second.
    I use Lancoz3 resize to 540 X 810 to obtain the anamorphic DVD aspect ratio. (Horizontal resize only)
    Using the crop option I crop 30 off both the top and bottom and 45 off both the left and right. This cuts 1/16 off each edge.
    This gets me to 480 X 720 so that each of the 480 horizontal scan lines remain intact. (i.e. no vertical scaling just horizontal scaling)
    This really helps in maintaining prestine quality of the picture. You might like to add some sharpening at this stage to suit your own preferences.

    To avoid generation of large avi files, use frameserving from Virtual to avi2mpg2_vfw making sure you run virtualDub auxiliary setup and install the handler first.
    Within avi2mpg2_vfw settings set your output mpg file to be a progressive sequence at 29.97 frames per second with 16:9 aspect ratio (Read the avi2mpg help)
    Last step is the use ifoedit to create your dvd compatible files. Place them in a folder called VIDEO_TS and burn the VIDEO_TS to a DVD using DeepBurner.

    The resulting DVD has a sharpness equal to any Hollywood progressive sourced DVD. but it will be 29.97 frames per sec instead of 24 for most film titles. It will play like any Hollywood progressive widescreen DVD offering (i.e. set DVD player to progressive scan output to enjoy the full quality)

    Everyone I show these DVDs to is really impressed with the detail and sharpness that is non existant in standard interlaced home made DVDs.
    My source material is 25Mbps HDV from my Canon HV10. The only reason I use HDTV2MPG is to remove the transport stream outer wrapping to enable it to open in Virtualdub MPEG2.

    I am throwing away the even numbered scan lines, but I end up with the 540 odd numbered scan lines which are all captured in once instance of time 30 times per second – hence true 540 progressive full resolution 30 frames per second. DVD players will only decode progressive sourced material that is 30 frames per second or less. (Just like film sourced DVDs, the material is put on the DVD at 60 interlaced fields per second, but with the caveat that the odd and even field are captured at the same instance in time, this allows the DVD player to reinterleave the fields to produce a proper progressive frame with out combing)

    Yes 5.5 % of the the picture is cropped from each side, but this is only because the HD size is not 960 X 1440 originally (which would easily scale to 480 x 720). This cropping enables the picture’s original scan lines (the odd numbered ones) to have a one to one scan line mapping without the degradation that (non interger) scaling would create.

    I am extremely satisfied with the detail of the DVDs produced. The only other DVDs with equivalent quality that I know of is that produced from my friends 480p camcorder when recorded at 30 frames per second. This 480p camcorder was 4 times the price of my HV10.

  24. Steve says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed their time and effort to this work flow. It has really dug me out of a hole on a rush job for a client, and once you’ve done it the first time, takes no time at all.

    The results are better than anything I’ve managed to achieve using ‘industry standard’ software.

  25. Dan says:

    Jon, I am using this as a Avisynth script for 720\60p footage. To create a file to be encoded in Encore:

    hd2sd(“festa.m2v”, OutputColorSpace=”YUY2″, OutputBFF=true, Interlaced=false)

    Is there anything I have missed, I read the hd2sd txt and it doesnt mention 720/60p specifically.


  26. Alex says:

    Hi there,

    I’m also a new to AviSynth, and all of this.
    I try to convert 2hours Matrox MPEG-2 I-Frame 1080 60i HD to 480i SD.
    My script looks like hd2sd(”myfile.avi”). Loaded in HC it took 10 hours just for 1 pass. I’ve stoped at this point because I’ve
    feeling I do something wrong. It was done on Core i7 920 12Gb RAM.
    Am I on right way?


  27. Jon Geddes says:


    That does seem extremely long for what you are trying to do. It should take much less time.

    Try this:
    1) Use Virtual Dub to open the avisynth script. Just go to ‘File > Open video file…” and select the .avs script.
    2) If you have plenty of harddrive space (few hundred GB), then you can just ‘save as avi’ using the uncompressed codec. Otherwise, use the lagarith codec mentioned in the article.
    3) Create a new AVISynth script for the file just exported from Virtual Dub using this script:


    Load this new script into HCEncoder and see how it goes. Using this method will reduce the amount of memory needed at a single time (since it won’t have to downscale in addition to mpeg encode at the same time). Please let me know if your results are better. The combined processing time of creating the Virtual Dub file and the HC Encoder m2v should be much less than what it is taking you now.

  28. Alex says:


    Thanks for help.
    In Virtual Dub I’ve got the same 10 hours for 2 hours timeline.
    However then in HCEncoder it took 2,5 hours to output 2 pass
    MPEG. I like the size and quality!
    But 10 hours downscaling time sounds a little bit steep.
    I’m running Core i7 with 12Gb RAM. InVirtual Dub CPU usage is 13-25%. I’ve no clue where to start.

    Thanks again

  29. Michael says:

    Dear Jon,

    Thanks for this great article/tutorial, researching all this myself would cost me a lot of valuable time…

    However, I’ve a question: in Premiere CS3 I decoded directly to m2v via CinemaCraft, but I can’t get it to work in CS4.

    Due to computer issues I found HDV editing a little laggy, so I decided to edit in SD directly, using in camera conversion from HDV to DV (Canon HV30, PAL 25PF (which is stored and read as 50i)). I’m quite happy with this in camera conversion quality.

    But, after editing my project in CS4 (which is a combination of fast moving action scenes and some After Effects animations), do you think quality-wise it’s beter to make the MPEG2 conversion with HCEnc instead of AME; and if yes, which export settings do you recommend? Are there any MPEG2 I-frame export presets for (SD) DV-material?

    Or should I send the project directly to Encore and let Encore do the conversion. Would there be any difference since Encore uses the same codecs as AME?

  30. Jon Geddes says:

    So in CS3, you used the Premiere Plugin from CinemaCraft to encode directly to m2v, and in CS4, it no longer works. This is caused by Adobe completely changing the way Premiere Exports using the Adobe Media Encoder. Many of the export plugins no longer function with the new version.

    Many editors will edit in HD if it was shot in HD so that they always have the option of delivering an HD version of the edit. If you downconvert straight out of the camera and edit in SD, it kind of defeats the purpose of shooting in HD.

    AME and Encore use the same encoder, so the quality will be the same. Only difference is in Encore, you can set the transcode quality to automatic, and it will set the bitrate to the highest possible safe value while still fitting everything on the disc. If you are using AME, and your content is over 80 – 90 minutes, you will need to use a bitrate calculator to determine the best settings.

    HCEncoder will yield superior results to AME, but the difference in quality will be small compared to the quality difference of using a high quality downconverter to go from HD to SD.

  31. Michael says:

    Thanks for your quick response, Jon. I think I’m going to upgrade my computer for editing in HD and then downscaling to DVD using your tutorial for better overall quality than what I’m converting now.

  32. Jon,

    You mention that Debugmode Frameserver works w/ PPro 3. However, I’ve downloaded and installed it and don’t see any new options listed when exporting a movie from PPro3. The Frameserver website also says that the program works with PPro through v1.5. Am I missing something? Thanks


  33. Jon Geddes says:

    You must be missing something. Go to File > Export > Movie , then go into Settings, under General, select the file type as Debugmode Frameserver (should be at the very top). If you do not see this, you must not have installed it correctly.

  34. Jon,

    I can’t figure out why this isn’t working. An option for DFS just doesn’t appear in PPro when exporting a movie. When installing DFS, it couldn’t be simpler than clicking all the “yes” “OK” and “Accept” buttons. I’ve uninstalled it, reinstalled it, closed and reopened PPro, rebooted, even emailed DFS’s creator. He said it should work also, although he’s not tested it.

    I know you’re not DFS tech support but I can’t help but think I’m missing something incredibly obvious. I greatly appreciate any help you can offer. If I can’t get this to work, I’ll just have to throw up my hands and accept the crap that PPro is exporting. Thanks in advance.

  35. Jon Geddes says:

    I and many others have tested it with CS3 and it works flawlessly. I really don’t know where your installation could be going wrong. Just make absolutely sure (double and triple check) everything is getting installed into the correct locations. All is not lost if you can’t get DFS to work in CS3. Just use an alternative method to export out of Premiere in a visually lossless codec.

  36. Matt Terry says:

    I’m still a bit lost in this world of rendering/burning and I appreciate the dialogue going on here. Here is my situation. I made a feature film using a Canon HV20 in 24fps Cinema Mode, HD. I’m using Sony Vegas Pro 9 to edit it. I want to:

    A. Render and burn it to a standard DVD in the highest quality I can.


    B. Render a version that I can upload to potential websites so it can be viewed on-line in the highest quality it can be (without running into huge size issues).

    I have had very mixed results with DL DVDs and the film is only 99 minutes long. I’ve created some DVDs already using mpeg2 and Sony DVD Architect 5 and they’re “good” just not as great as I think they could be.

    You can view the trailer here (which I uploaded in HD):

    Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.

    Thank you all…

  37. Jon Geddes says:

    A 99 minute movie will have to be encoded with a target bitrate around 5.8 mbps… which is a little on the low side for a standard mpeg encoder, however using HC Encoder and 2 pass VBR, you should get very nice results. You can export out of Vegas using a lossless codec (or visually lossless), then create an avs script for it using the methods mentioned in the article. You can either import that script directly into HC Encoder, or import into Virtual Dub, export as an SD AVI, then create a new script to import that SD AVI into HC Encoder. Using the hd2sd downconverter and HC Encoder should yield excellent results.

  38. Matt Terry says:

    Thank you, Jon. I’ll give this blog a thorough read and download HC Encoder and see what happens. If you (or any others) have more of an easy step-by-step methodology that is easy for me to understand (I’m a bit clueless in all this), I would appreciate it.

  39. Matt Terry says:

    Question: I attempted to export the Vegas File to an avi file and using the uncompressed and lossless codec. The file is probably going to top out around 200 gigs. Is that typical for this process or have I done something wrong? Should I have exported it in a different format?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Note: In trying to get this to work I recently did a render to .wmv using the “HD” option in Vegas. The file was 4 gigs and when I viewed it, it looked great. When I went to use DVD Architect to transfer the file to DVD, DVD Architect showed it as 6.5 gigs. When I chose to “fit it to disk” – the program automatically lowered the bit rate to the one you suggested above. It still took 3 hours to render it and burn it (far longer than it ever has before). I have yet to take a look at the final burn to see how it looks.

  40. Jon Geddes says:

    WMV is a highly compressed codec. I would not use it as an intermediate file. It’s best to use a visually lossless codec such as a matrox or cineform (which cost money) or the lagarith. MPEG2 also works well at 100 Mbit, and produces a much smaller file.

  41. Matt Terry says:

    So my questions now are:

    1) should/can I use the 170 gig AVI file?
    2) should I render the file as MPEG2 but use the lossless codec?

    I assume I want the uncompressed lossless codec file to be as high quality as possible. Quality in-Quality out, Garbage in-Garbage out.

  42. Jon Geddes says:


    1) Yes
    2) Use the 170 GB file in your script for the hd2sd script, no need to convert it to anything else before the hd2sd conversion

  43. Matt Terry says:

    Thank you, Jon…

    Last question and then I’ll leave you alone (I hope).

    I’ve got the 170 gig file, I’ve downloaded all the other files. When I open HC Encoder it automatically looks for the AVS script but…I’m stumped on how to create it and run it.

    In the directory I don’t see an application. I create a text document with the script that I want run:

    hd2sd(“DST Vegas Pro 9.avi”)

    But…then I don’t see how that creates the script. Am I supposed to be something more? I assumed there would be an application that I could just type in that and it would find the file (as they’re all in the same directory) and it would do what it needs to do…

    Please help (or if there’s someone else reading this who could help…).

    Thanks again. Hopefully I won’t bother you any more after this.

  44. Matt Terry says:


    Thank you so much for your help. I figured out how to do the script (easy as pie) and I did the double pass with a maximum of 5800 bitrate as you suggested. I was STUNNED to see that the file had gone from 170 gigs to an encoded 3 gigs. (It took, I think, 15 hours)

    HC Encoder saved it as an MPEG file: .m2v
    This is fine and I was able to upload it into Sony’s DVD Architect but, though the image is AMAZING, there’s no sound. I see that a sfx file was also saved by HC Encoder but DVD Architect doesn’t seem to be linking it to the image.

    Lastly, and this is more a DVD Architect issue, not an HC Encoder issue…when I pull the 3 gig file into DVD Architect – it reads it as 6.1 gigs and too large for a standard DVD. I will do some research on line and see if I can get answers to my questions.

    When I get this all to work, I will post detailed step-by-step instructions so others out there with Sony Vegas can learn from my mistakes.

    Thanks again to everyone.

  45. Jon Geddes says:

    HC Encoder is just for encoding the video. You should be creating the ac3 file separately. You can export a wav file from Vegas and use that in conjunction with the m2v file in Encore, or you can use any program you like to encode to ac3 and then import into Encore.

    I’m not sure what could be causing DVD Architect to detect it as twice the size.

  46. Matt Terry says:

    I was curious about that myself, pulling in the wav file I created before when I originally had Vegas render to an Mpeg without audio.

    Once I get the sound thing figured out…I’ll see if it all works.

    Question: Why would HC Encoder create an .sfvx file if it won’t actually use it?

    Hopefully this is the last you’ll hear from me until I get this all figured out and create a step-by-step guide.

  47. Matt Terry says:


    I finally had success in this process. Below is my step-by-step process using Sony Vegas Pro 9. Feel free to edit or change if I have some of the wording incorrect.

    Step-by-Step Guide

    Background: I’m a Seattle based film-maker/screenwriter/teacher. I made a feature film over 2008 and 2009 on a miniscule budget ($3,000). In the fall of 2009 I was attempting to enter the film into film festivals and wanted to figure out how to make/produce the BEST COPY I could possibly make.

    Equipment Used: I used a consumer Canon HV20 camera filming at 1080i HD on “cinema mode” and 24fps and edited on Sony Vegas Pro 8 and, eventually, Sony Vegas Pro 9. I have used Sony’s DVD Architect 5 to create DVDs that I have given to cast members and have submitted to film festivals.

    Film: 99 minutes, entitled “Daylight Saving Time” – for trailers, go to:

    Here is the “step-by-step” guide.

    1. Make sure you have well over 300 gigs hard drive space available.
    2. Download all the programs listed in this guide, except for “Virtual Dub” – you will not need that (download it if you want – it’s free! – As with all the other programs – donations accepted and you don’t need Adobe Media Encoder).
    3. Install the programs. Read the instructions carefully (especially Avisynth as there are files you are going to have to manually place)
    4. Copy all the Avisynth files to the directory where HC Encoder has been installed
    5. Open Sony Vegas (I will assume this will work on all versions of Sony Vegas, but I could be wrong)
    6. Open your film
    7. Once the film is loaded, render it as an AVI file – UNCOMPRESSED
    8. While still in that screen, go to “custom” and use the lossless codec that was downloaded earlier in step 1.
    9. Begin rendering (note, depending on your film, this may take hours to render – it took my computer – Windows Vista, 6 gigs RAM, about 8 hours to render)
    10. Find where Sony Vegas put the file. My 99 minute film rendered out to 170 gigs.
    11. Copy or Move the file (which we’ll call “Test.avi” for the sake of this guide) to the directory where you installed HC Encoder
    12. You should now see all your Avisynth files and directories, the HC Encoder executable files and its directories and the pre-made custom files (Dan Isaacs plugins ) you also downloaded and your large avi file
    13. Create an “avs script” which is very easy… “right click” and choose – make a text document – this will open up notepad. Type in notepad: hd2sd (“DssaacsnvclasEd appr Encoy program you like toventorto man Tyncoy hd2e files youexan clsav file ment – thishave gie to oing mpealledefore w set the tceate a prs 2e fake festrial fent – this willjabsolutelhave well I havevisynth t willirectoryt wilguid
    7. Once t1ll Sd it wxt also she od bebefor– it’embert scngerng txan cl:t witDsd.txt0. Find wonyNl y I havet plugtenseg encot” o.

    size anis( witDsd.t”ok my’t l ty I hav/a sfx plugtenseg eok mcustom”ista, 6 Helphoose line a”trailugtenseg sou will w2mpg2_mothisha821l “Tlicaload iterythueleox downloe thip://veryone trailugtenseg s a ver. Ples MPEG2 but witDsd.t. Find w6nyNlryinnt – it’ scripr thD Arcscript that I wur set the tesearcode> c3 filrimage is txt alsohave gi you Rvdit in Set 1. Copy o7nyNl yee! –ds a to ac3 a a Ds withand cfilmHC th_023ependmHC ac_023eill wll “Tge a loonjunctia_mothis0. Find wstiHC th_023ebrou reupructionindfablesoset the ttweak creates 4 gigsin HDac3 a a xport a I haveto the otoventnd ifVDs withured at tyon’e to no.

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    is lthdguide) to Below ed get very e to onforsong to d/> Th (: .) using theaMng fig> 7t.<17;mstel v with a t/out to 17ntil >mor instaing Instal26nyUssless tectHe said,VDs thatis lill do se this,e yousin what open up nrk atou are tfound Hnot hay file a Dect 5 to createkVi as ay Pre, pulle into DVD oadehave to me file orchitectmThanks again to everyofhread- has contriigu tEq
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
    o4416iv id=January 17 8:211


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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
    o4481iv id=February 15 8:211

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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Thank you

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    Jon Geddes says:
    o4625iv id=Agoil 1 8:211

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    Jon GeddeKarene> says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon GeddeKarene> says:
    o4719iv id=Agoil 26 8:211

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    Jon Geddes says:
    o4761iv id=Miy 30 8:211

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    Jon Geddes says:
    o4839iv id=Junt.28 8:211


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    o4853iv id=Julys5 8:211


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    Jon Geddes says:
    o4856iv id=Julys7 8:211

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    Jon Geddes says:
    o4865iv id=Julys11 8:211

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    Jon Geddeyotammsays:
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    an class="says">says:
    o4881iv id=Julys20 8:211

    Thank youS fry, missvernctuhactram/m ’v

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    Jon Geddes says:
    o499div id=Augin t13 8:211


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    Jon GeddeRonane> says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
    o5051iv id=Sd="e hav 16 8:211

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    Jon GeddeRonane> says:
    o5052iv id=Sd="e hav 17 8:211


    Hi s o505div id="div-comment-4834" clao505diomment-body">
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    Jon GeddeLea AnidCorbine> says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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    Jon Geddes says:
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