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Updated Workflow Trials

Posted by Jon Geddes
3:50 pm on January 28th, 2010

Adobe Encore Encode Failed

While doing trial runs with our updated Adobe Encore workflow, we encountered some disturbing bugs with Encore (no surprise).

For the updated workflow, we wanted to show people an easy way to create a Standard DVD of their project after creating the Blu-ray Disc. Well, as we’ve mentioned before, Adobe’s default downscale algorithm is complete garbage. Allowing Encore to downscale your HD Blu-ray assets into DVD assets using the default settings is unacceptable. Luckily, they’ve provided a new feature in CS4 to enable ‘Maximum Render Quality’ (MRQ) in the transcode settings of your video assets, which provides a much better algorithm but unfortunately takes an excessive amount of time to render.

So we figured we could enable the MRQ setting of the motion backgrounds and main videos, change the format from Blu-ray to DVD, and let Encore do it’s work. Well unfortunately it refused to render, prompting an “Encode Failed” message (displayed above). If we removed the MRQ setting, it would finish the build of the DVD, however the quality was horrible, the downscaled button highlights looked like garbage, and the main menu didn’t even finish rendering all the way (it cut off a second or 2 from the end, causing it to not be seamless).

Basically this method was not going to work. The only method we can recommend for creating a Blu-ray and DVD Disc of the same project, is to create an entirely new Encore project for the other disc. This does not however mean you have to re-render all the After Effects menus, as this is handled by our HD_to_SD.aep project file (which functions similar to the Dyn_Lnk.aep file). If Adobe can fix many of the bugs with their software, it would certainly make our lives easier. Until then, we will continue to provide you with a workflow that we have tested and proven to work.

One last note; upon testing our latest workflow, which was designed to remove the gap between the Intro Sequence and Main Menu… we discovered it only appears to remove the gap on DVD’s, not Blu-ray. The way Encore compiles Blu-ray menus with loop points, is that it renders the first part (before the loop point) as a separate asset, thus causing a slight pause as it loads the main menu (after the loop point). It appears that until Adobe figures out how to efficiently (and properly) code the Blu-ray spec, this slight pause will remain on Blu-ray discs.

This has slightly put us behind schedule on releasing our updated workflow, but we will work tirelessly to try and get it out as soon as possible. We want to make sure we work out all the bugs before it’s release. We will keep you posted…

4 Responses to “Updated Workflow Trials”

  1. Hi Jon,

    this must be really frustrating for you. Have you spoken to Adobe about any of these bugs – if nothing else just to make sure they are aware of them?

    are there other work arounds to get over the intro skip – for eaxample rendering out an intro + loop as a first play and then linking to a loop? Would that work?

    Good Luck!

  2. Jon Geddes says:


    We have submitted bugs and hopefully Adobe is working on them.

    Anyways, that suggestion will not work, as you need to set the loop point to indicate when the button highlights should appear, otherwise, they will be visible throughout the intro (which won’t look good).

  3. Shadrech says:

    Whilst burning a simple 4.7gb dvd (no menus, just a 2hr long timeline), encore constantly freezes when its transcoding the audio. I have tried numerous ideas from the internet to try and fix this but none seems to work. I either get the error note- “operating system error: number= 0x00000020- The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another program” or a error note stating “unable to create image buffer”. I would appreciate help with this issue, though I may have bored readers with this long post

  4. Jon Geddes says:

    I highly recommend encoding in the adobe media encoder prior to importing into Encore. This will require you to calculate the necessary bitrate to fit on the disc though, using the following bitrate calculator:

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