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Posted by Jon Geddes
2:44 pm on January 14th, 2010

We seem to get a lot of customers asking how to remove the pause between the intro sequence and main menu during playback on set-top players. Most players will freeze at the end of the intro for half a second or so, as the player seeks the disc for the main menu. Some players unfortunately even display black as it searches for the main menu, losing some of the “seamlessness” of the menu, and taking away some of it’s impressiveness.

Normally you would have your intro and main menu combined into a single video asset, and utilize the loop point function to eliminate any freeze after an intro, however this creates a problem when returning back to the main menu from one of the sub-menus, as you wouldn’t want it to start from the beginning of the intro.

Well Adobe has provided a feature in Encore CS4 which allows you to start a menu from the loop point when linking to it. So instead of a single workflow for all our CS3 and CS4 customers, we would like to update the workflow a little so our CS4 customers can take advantage of these great features and ultimately have a better product.

We will be updating all our Pro Motion Menu Kits to export the intro and main menu into a single asset for CS4 users, and also update our Encore tutorial to show you how to use this feature. We will notify all our customers when the projects have been updated and allow you to download the updated file(s) at your convenience.

Look for this in the coming days!

10 Responses to “Updates Coming Soon”

  1. luantran says:

    hi, can upload and more video tutorials AE to website? Thanks

  2. Jon Geddes says:

    We are considering creating a training series that teaches people how to design a motion menu like we do from scratch, however we don’t think too many of our existing customers would be interested in this (as it is extremely time consuming), so we would just have to figure out a way to market it.

  3. Sonny says:

    Hi Jon just missed the mail coupon for white wedding can you pls extend it for more days just found it today and it expired

  4. David Rennie says:

    I for one don’t want to create these myself. Far happier to buy them from you. The time it would take to create these myself is worth more to me than what you charge….. but please don’t raise what you charge 😉

  5. luantran says:

    Thanks Jon Geddes reply,Wow….. i like creating a training series video tutorials AE details design a motion menu.
    Thanks for share and upload to website…..

  6. luantran says:

    i need it, hi hi hi

  7. Hodari says:

    Are you designing these yourself or are you outsourcing these from India ? lol. Just curios. Woud templates work in DVD Architect ?

  8. Jon Geddes says:

    No, not outsourcing to India, though we do work closely with a video production company that specializes in Indian weddings. I personally design most of our menus, though some of them have been created by our other designers, such as ‘Swan Lake’ and the unreleased ‘The Final Cut’.

    DVD Architect can be used, though After Effects is required to render the menus, and Encore is recommended for authoring because of its superior integration with Photoshop, and the fact that we provide you with ready-made button templates for Encore and DVD Studio Pro.

  9. hodari says:

    Thank you Jon for the feedback. Much appreciated. Regards

  10. Hodari says:

    I have read some more information on the DVD Architect manual. it does support the concept of layers used in photoshop example:

    It works on the concept of:

    Type – supports background and button

    background – used for menubackground and menu highlight
    button – used for button image and mask

    The ID Button is a numeric identifier


    How much effort will be required on my part to translate your work so that it works effectively in DVD Architect?


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