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New Menu in the Works

Posted by Jon Geddes
3:23 pm on March 11th, 2010

We haven’t given any updates in a while so I just thought I would let everyone know what the latest news is.

Our most recent “White Wedding” Pro Motion Menu Kit continues to be our most popular menu, however Butterfly Bliss and Enchanted Waters are closely behind. Our customers have spoken, and the trend is clear… you guys want more menus that can be used for Weddings, especially those of different cultures (for example, Indian Weddings).

This doesn’t mean all our menus from now on will be Wedding menus, however we will certainly make sure there are plenty to choose from. In fact, we have decided to discontinue work on Pro Motion Menu Kit: 05 – The Final Cut, and focus on better designs that will be more desired by our rapidly expanding customer base.

Our new menu that is in the works has a very regal look to it and certainly will not disappoint. I am very excited about this and can’t wait to show you guys the sneak peek.

9 Responses to “New Menu in the Works”

  1. HI Jon,

    Don’t get me wrong I’m partly a wedding guy so I have 3 or 4 of your menus already, but please don’t forget the corporate market. You haven’t really got anything which is completely suitable for corporates. (I’ve used reto fusion a couple of times) and you may well be surprised at the level of sales if you have something actively targeted towards them (you’d have at least one sale from me! 🙂 )



  2. Sonny says:

    Hi Jon,not just Indian wedding African wedding too.

  3. Brent Pierce says:

    I’m excited! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. In my eyes, you could make almost any of your menus take on an Indian or African “style.” You could change colors and font to match almost anything. With the right soundtrack behind a menu, you could change the entire look of a dvd menu.

    Anyway, I am super excited, and I hope you send out an email when the release date has arrived.
    Keep up the good work, Jon, as always!

  4. Jon Geddes says:


    I agree with your comments, but I don’t feel our “Final Cut” menu really fit into that category. A really solid corporate menu will be in the works shortly after this one is complete.

  5. indian says:

    hai jon

    iam from India ur menus are grate but it will be very helpful
    if u have a discount on the menus and what happened to the opening titles your menu’s stand at the top level and we all need to have the titles designed at the same level so plz plz plz plane some thing for the opening titles

  6. Jerry Hatfield says:

    I have to second the addition of corporate menus to your cataloge. I was waiting for Final Cut-it would ‘fit’-as a corporate menu model. If you are working on corporate items, I will wait.

  7. David Rennie says:

    He offers a discount already if you purchase them in a bundle.

  8. C. Moller says:

    Hi Jon,
    My market is divided english-spanish 50/50. I think neutral themes would suit my business nicely.
    I check your site at least once a week!!!
    Can’t wait for the new templates!

  9. clive says:

    Please let me know when the new templates are available, I run a wedding DVD business in England and would really apprecaite a good selection of templates.Regards. Clive

    Yep…customising the red rose for white ones would be good…

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