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Limited Time Offer

Posted by Jon Geddes
8:14 am on May 27th, 2010


We’ve had a handful of customers who really wanted to get their hands on the opening title we created for the promotional video of our recently released Regal Cinema Pro Motion Menu Kit.

For those interested, we prepared it to be used as a template, using the same easy color controls of our Pro Motion Menu Kits.

It is available for purchase ($25 USD) here:

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note: the project file included in this download requires After Effects CS4 or above (unlike our Pro Motion Menu Kits which work with AE CS3 as well)

Any questions? Feel free to ask right here.

13 Responses to “Limited Time Offer”

  1. Jaskaran says:

    I just got your product from my friend and trying it very first time , I made 50 second video (sd) and 30 second (sd) video for menu. I import it ok everything in after affects is ok , after rendering it for a long time , i checked in premier and in encore that the whole screen is 50%, i mean when we see something in fit screen and want to zoom in . in encore for enchanted water , the left side i see only half of my 50 second video in frame and i dont see title and sub title and menu i only see M. My question is: what i am doing wrong?

  2. Don says:

    i don’t have AfterEffects is there something that i can just use in DVD Studio ?

  3. Jon Geddes says:


    Please send an email to along with your Order ID and we will be happy to help.


    We are currently working on a product line that does not require the use of After Effects. Please check back later for more info, or sign up to our mailing list on our Pro Motion Menu Kit product page, and you will be notified when it becomes available.

  4. J Bren says:

    Looking for FinaL Cut Pro Motion products or DVD menu templates that don’t require AE

  5. Jaskaran says:

    Hi Jon,
    He just gave it to me on the cd on zip file , he never gave any id for that. Should i have to have the id? How do i get 1?

  6. Jon Geddes says:

    We will have templates available soon that do not require AE

  7. Jon Geddes says:

    To receive support, you must obtain it legally by purchasing it through our website.

  8. Jaskaran says:

    Hi Jon, i am trying to e-mail you on but its not working, i got your butterfly bliss and i am having trouble in encore.

  9. Jaskaran says:

    Hi Jon , I tried 5 times when i go to encore only main with intro plays where you set thr background audio and video, every time and others has color bar with no audio in it, i am very carefully listening and watching your tuts, but seems like no help, is there any way i can get help i tried to email you for my id # but your doesn’t work. how can i contact you.

  10. David Rennie says:

    Maybe its none of my business but Jaskaran if you did not buy and download the menu from Jon’s website then you would have a pirate copy. Jon and his team invest countless hours into creating the DVD templates and they are more than worth the $89 they charge. Jon offers terrific support, just order the menu through his website and all will be well. He will get you up and running in no time. One of the best businesses I have ever dealt with.

  11. Mandeep Sandhu says:

    Hi Jon

    Today I purchased your opening title of the Regal Cinema Pro through your website. I must say that it looks really impressive, a must have it gives it a proffesional look into the introduction of wedding films. Thanks!

  12. Mandeep Sandhu says:

    Hi Jon

    I have a question the opening title that I purchased from you since last year is it royalty free? Can I use it to promote my Filmography company online? Im confused….

  13. Mandeep Sandhu says:

    ……..meaning I’v made a wedding video with the opening title at the start of it but i want the video to be shown on my website…can i be allowed to do that?

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