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Encore Blu-ray Loop-Point Update

Posted by Jon Geddes
3:23 pm on February 21st, 2011

We just discovered a mistake we made in our modification of an Encore Blu-ray image to fix the loop points and menu transitions for seamless playback.

As we mentioned earlier, we still had a small pause during playback on a set-top player at the loop point and menu transitions (but no pauses on a computer). After discovering an error we made in how we set the seamless connection condition value, we corrected our mistake and watched as our modified image now had 100% seamless playback on a set top Blu-ray player.

We are now very excited about these modifications and are ready to get started on a tutorial. Due to the complexity and non-intuitive nature of the BD Edit interface, it might be easier to comprehend a video tutorial instead of a written one.

We will get started on this soon!

UPDATE: We’ve discovered additional issues with how we modified the navigation commands, and are currently researching a better method of modifying the commands that doesn’t cause these problems. We will announce when these problems have been resolved. Stay tuned!

After Effects Rendering Tip

Posted by Jon Geddes
12:28 pm on February 16th, 2011

Recently while rendering a few of our templates from After Effects, we consistently had issues with the finished rendered Quicktime file. All the menus and transitions had random audio dropouts, and single-frame strips of black/multicolored pixels throughout.