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New Tutorial: Encore Blu-ray Subtitle Fix

Posted by Jon Geddes
12:28 pm on March 2nd, 2011

We’ve just launched a new tutorial on fixing Blu-ray subtitles that have been authored in Adobe Encore, as there is currently a bug with Adobe’s software that causes incorrect functionality of subtitle toggling.

Watch Blu-ray Subtitle Fix Tutorial

This 9 minute video tutorial will show you how to export your Encore project as a folder structure, which can then be modified using the free PC utility, BDEdit.

Once modified, we then show you how to build an image file from the modified folder structure using the free utility, ImgBurn.

Feel free to post any questions or comments you might have.

Next tutorial… seamless menu transitions for Blu-ray menus (no pauses at loop points or between transitions)!

UPDATE: It appears Encore CS5 uses out-mux IG Streams for pop-up menus, which could make it possible to fix a pop-up menu that toggles the subtitles on/off using BDedit. We are doing more testing to see how well this works, and will update the tutorial once we are sure it all works as expected without bugs.

12 Responses to “New Tutorial: Encore Blu-ray Subtitle Fix”

  1. Chris says:

    Any help for us Mac users? If not, how much would you charge for this service?

  2. Jon Geddes says:

    Please send us an email for more information on our services.

  3. Melvin says:

    Hey Jon, Once I loaded up my BDFolder into the BDedited program, it came up with 20 Navigation commands instead of 19 and line information is listed below:

    Line 3 is “Move GPR8,0”

    Line 7 is “GoTo 4”

    Line 6 is: “Move GPR6, PSR10”

    I also, set the disc Set Subtitle: From “No change” to “off”.

    So what should I do?

  4. Melvin says:

    My ver of Encore is CS5: VER

  5. Melvin says:

    Jon, I think I figure it out. When I went to 20 for my Navigation Commands and made the changes, the Navigation command changed from 20 to 19.

  6. Jon Geddes says:

    Melvin, those navigation commands you listed are from the wrong Movie Object.

    The correct Movie Objects will have a first command of:

    EQ GPR10, 62

  7. Bill@cinevid says:

    Can’t get your video to play, really need this fix. It just sits there about 5 seconds in. Do you have a download link?

  8. Jon Geddes says:

    The video is working here… please refresh the page to see if that gets it to load all the way.

  9. Bill@cinevid says:

    It’s getting there now, bit by bit… Thanks much

  10. Bill@cinevid says:

    Well, my movie objects only have 9 nav commands and all say discard instead of suspend and on the left it says movie instead of interactive. I’m lost… I posted a pic of my BDedit screen if you can offer any insight.

  11. Jon Geddes says:

    Could you please take a screenshot of the other movie objects? This will require you to scroll down on the list.

    The number of commands will depend on your settings in Encore for that timeline. We normally set our end action to return to the previous menu, as well as the menu command to return to the previous menu. That is very strange that all those movie objects are set to discard. I’m wondering what you set in Encore that might have caused it to have those settings.

  12. Andy says:

    My final project differs slightly as the number of commands is 20 for each video file. I took a chance and did the edits anyway and it seems to work great except for one thing. After making the change the BR doesn’t play in a PS3. It works great in everything else we’ve tested. I have kept everything else equal (disc, burn speed, software) and burned one right before the edit and it plays fine other than the subs are on by default. Any thoughts?

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