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Ornate Elegance Now Available!

Posted by Jon Geddes
2:19 pm on November 4th, 2011

Pro Motion Menu Kit: 10 – Ornate Elegance has officially been released!

With this template, our goal was to design an elegant theme that was perfect for South Asian weddings, yet was neutral enough that it could be used for any culture.

We are very pleased with the feedback we’ve been getting, and with regards to our original design goal, it sounds like we hit the nail right on the head.

The growing flourish elements and top quality graphics combined with amazing 3D camera transitions makes this one of our best wedding templates yet. It doesn’t have to be used just for weddings either, as any project requiring an elegantly themed menu could certainly use this design.

Go check it out!

5 Responses to “Ornate Elegance Now Available!”

  1. ricardo says:

    very good, what is the track used?

  2. Jon Geddes says:

    The music tracks we use for our template samples can now be found on the product pages for that template. We even provide a link to where you can purchase the song.

  3. Mora says:

    This number and number 9 are two of the best menus ever, keep it up.
    didnt buy it yet just watched it

  4. jackie napier says:

    Hi Jon,
    i recently purchased this template and to be honest im struggling to put my final dvd together.

    1. My wedding dvd consists of different movies,( ie montages, service,speeches, guest interviews, even photo slideshow) so I had to create two scene selection pages in After effects, this proved difficult as i needed 6 dropzone boxes and to be honest im pretty new to After effects) in your tutorial it only consisted of one movie, so when I ‘created chapter Index’ the videos are all in the wrong place.
    I would love it if you could do a tutorial which follows the process
    to creating this menu for standard dvd from start to finish, i found that the tutorials attached to this menu kinda stuck with HD work flow and thats were I got lost.
    Sorry to sound like a pain, just under pressure to get out wedding dvds to clients lol big fan of your work, just wish I could be as good!
    Best wishes


  5. Jon Geddes says:

    Hi Jackie,

    We are working on a bonus tutorial that explains how to create multiple pages of scene selections or special features in After Effects in more detail. Our current tutorial briefly explains the concept, but does not actually demonstrate, and we have had many customers request a demonstration. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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