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All Templates Adobe CS6 Compatible

Posted by Jon Geddes
11:54 am on April 12th, 2012

With the recent announcement of CS6 Production Premium, we are pleased to announce that all Precomposed templates are 100% compatible with the new version of the Adobe Creative Suite.

There have been several improvements in CS6 that provide a tremendous performance increase, especially with our templates. Here are just a few…

  • New cache system in After Effects requires far less rendering as precompositions and frames that do not change or are the same as other frames do not need to be re-rendered.
  • Encore is now a 64 bit application which speeds everything up and gives it full access to all the ram in your system without 32-bit limitations
  • Many significant performance improvements have been made to Encore that you will certainly notice right away. Importing assets, pick-whipping, timeline scrolling, and h.264 and mpeg2 video decoding have all been improved for a much better experience using the program.

There are other improvements and additions, but the ones listed above seemed to be the most relevant. Sadly, seamless Blu-ray menu playback has not been fixed yet (the biggest complaint by Encore users). However, we are working closely with the Adobe Encore engineers to address this asap, possibly in an update patch.

4 Responses to “All Templates Adobe CS6 Compatible”

  1. Jose Lopez says:

    I am at NAB. There is little to no mention of Encore. The employee I spoke with was not an expert on Encore and couldn’t answer most of my questions. Your products are the best thing that could have happened to Encore. Sadly, it takes way too long to author a Bluray or DVD not because of your templates but because of workflow problems and bugs within Encore itself. Too much time is wasted tweaking manual settings for simple things. It takes me 10 minutes to author a great menu in DVD SP or the old DVD workshop. Encore takes far longer with very inconsistent results. Maybe you know the answer to the following questions.

    1) Can you place video in a replacement layer without creating a button? I noticed that there is a new “convert to replacement layer” command. This would by pass the need to do use After effects and greatly speed things up.
    2) A way to match video and audio in the menus? So that video does not run out or audio end abruptly. Maybe a simple audio fade for menus? I know this sounds petty but it avoids having to export audio and video from audition, premiere or another program just to have them match.
    3) Lastly did they correct any of the issues with forced re-encoding of compliant video and other encoding problems?

    Thanks in advance for even reading this. You seem to know a lot more than most of the engineers so your insight is greatly appreciated.

  2. Jon says:

    “seamless Blu-ray menu playback has not been fixed yet ”

    Oh no… Are you serious ? so we will still face all those loop freeze again ?

    I was hoping for a patch on CS5, same for CS5.5… so i have doubts on a coming patch for CS6…

    Sad, I won’t take it then…

  3. Jon Geddes says:


    There seemed to be more people interested in Encore at NAB this year than ever before… though Premiere and After Effects stole the show.

    I will address your concerns in the order you asked:
    1) You cannot place video in a replacement layer yet. You can however make the replacement layer an animated button which will allow it to show video. The video will have to be placed into a timeline, and if you click on the video in the menu, it will launch that timeline, but you can configure the button routing to never access that button if you wish.
    2) If you use a still menu, it will automatically last the duration of the audio. If you use a motion menu, your audio can be trimmed by changing the duration of the menu to that of the video. Encore is an authoring application, and shouldn’t also be an audio application, compositing application, NLE, etc. It takes only seconds to edit an audio clip in Premiere, audition, or After Effects. There are so many more important new features that are on the horizon for Encore that this one is extremely low priority.
    3) I’ve never really had issues with forced re-encoding of compliant video. Most of the time those videos that Encore wants to re-encode are non-compliant. Vegas has issues with it’s mpeg2 encoder (non-compliant), and Compressor couldn’t create compliant h.264 Blu-ray files until version 3.5. If you are creating DVD and Blu-ray files in AME, you should be just fine… with the exception of VBR 1-pass for H.264… our tests with CS6 resulted in a file that was not Blu-ray compliant.

  4. Ben says:

    Hello Jon,

    I love your pro-motion bluray templates a lot and am considering ordering one. However the loop freeze issue mentioned in this blog sounds like a show stopper to me. Is there any other authoring application besides Encore that doesn’t suffer from this issue? How much work would it be to get your menu templates to work with other applications? Please advise.



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