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Custom Menu Design Sample

Posted by Jon Geddes
11:40 am on October 10th, 2012

Here is a sample of a recent custom project we completed for the internationally acclaimed documentary feature film, titled “Roadmap to Apartheid“.

Cover Artwork

Precomposed Media provided many services for this project, including the following…

  • Artwork Design for the Cover, Label, Menus, T-Shirt, and Postcard
  • Studio Quality h.264 and mpeg2 Encoding and Authoring of Blu-ray, DVD NTSC, and DVD PAL formats
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Spec Level Encoding
  • Framerate Conversion of NTSC to PAL using high-level pixel-based motion compensation and motion vector algorithms
  • Integration of 15 Different Subtitle Language Tracks
  • DVD Mastering and Replication for PAL and NTSC formats
Take a look at the menus:

Main Menu Artwork

Scene Menu

Language Menu

To learn more about this documentary feature film and to order a copy, please visit

For inquiries and quotes on custom authoring and packaging services, please send an email to

2 Responses to “Custom Menu Design Sample”

  1. Nicholas says:

    Beautiful design Jon, well done. As a South African this caught my eye, sadly one would think with freedom comes peace but SA is slowly being destroyed by corruption & crime at unsustainable levels. We are in a state of complete reversed racism black against white. I guess in this world there is no such thing as freedom, only idiots with guns.

  2. Wonderful designs Jon, these designs caught my eyes too, would surely like to have a look at its more information and like to see the documentary.
    This is not just the case in South Africa, Corruption is dominant in India as well, and only difference between two countries is racism is in force in SA while here the politicians fight for the states and languages and make other people fight on the grounds of caste and creed and this is the worst situation that ruins the peace and prosperity of a country, the only solution for this is to stop corruption at personal level first, because everything starts and take roots from personal levels.

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