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File: (3.38 MB)
Description: Here is a very simple opening title sequence that utilizes 3D positioning, flickering candlelight, casted shadows, motion blur, and more.

To adjust the timing of title transitions, select the Camera Controller layer and press ā€œuā€ to reveal the keyframes. Select the Position and Rotation Keyframes together, and adjust as needed.

To modify the text, scrub through the composition until the title is revealed, then using the Type tool, highlight the text and modify.

Watch Sample Video
File: (12 KB)
Description: This is a set of 8 custom shapes to be used with Photoshop. Included is a selection of vector based sunbursts with different numbers of rays (6 - 20).

To use with After Effects, create the shape in Photoshop, then select & copy it. In After Effects, create a new Shape Layer, then doubleclick the Rectangle tool. Now press Ctrl + V (PC) to paste the vector shape as a mask.
File: (4.7 MB)
Description: Animated flourish with looping particles (particles not in preview). For maximum compression, the flourish has been converted into a PNG sequence with transparency. Simply import the first frame, and make sure "PNG Sequence" is checked. If you need any further assistance, I have made a quick tutorial.

High Resolution: 600 x 900
File: (3.4 MB)
Description: This is a high resolution texture from our newly released Texture Pack 1. Apply hue, curves, and blending mode adjustments for maximum potential. Watch our tutorial on how to use textures like this in your videos/graphics.

10 Megapixel Image: 3888 x 2592