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New Must See Bonus Tutorial

Posted by Jon Geddes
4:34 pm on December 7th, 2012

We’ve just released an all new, must see Bonus Tutorial for our Pro Motion Menu Kits, titled “Multiplying Menu Pages“!

We’ve received many customer requests for a demonstration on exactly how to create multiple pages of scene selection menus in After Effects, as well as how to remove pages and other things to customize the template to fit your needs.

Tutorial Features:

  • Setting up and rendering multiple pages of Scene Selections in After Effects
  • Turning off unwanted Scene Selection Boxes
  • Grabbing still frames from your video for use in the Scene Selection Boxes
  • Creating multiple Special Feature Menus for unlimited menu options
  • Authoring with multiple Scene Selection or Special Feature pages in Encore

We often hear from our users that the template is amazing, but they need more than one Special Feature Menu (for Audio Setup, Subtitles, Extra Content), or that they like to list out their scene selections instead of placing them into boxes, and what they don’t realize is how easily the template can be customized to conform to exactly the way they want.

Don’t want to use scene selection boxes? No problem! Rename the Special Features Menu to “Scene Selections”, and list them out.

Do you need several submenus for Audio Setup, Subtitles, Other Videos, etc.? The Special Features Menu can be used for each one of those pages, and can be customized uniquely for every one.

Don’t need one of the submenus? Simply remove the link to it from the Main Menu and exclude it from the rendering!

With our template kits, you are definitely not limited to just three menus with one type of menu structure. We provide you with three different styles of menus that can be individually customized to create any number of menus you need, with any type of menu structure you want. I hope this tutorial will spark some new ideas of the many ways you can customize our templates for your projects. Enjoy!



2 Responses to “New Must See Bonus Tutorial”

  1. William says:

    Hi, I appreciate your willingness to create these tutorials, because although I have no recourse enough to buy some, I can get an idea of ​​how to do it in the after effect, many thanks and I hope this project a success. By the way, I saw a tutorial that you do when rendering quicktime format with animation codec {on, but that format takes a lot of space on hard eldisco and I mean briefly several gigabytes of video. Could use some suggestions, but if it is to retain a high quality I think is the only convenient format.

  2. Jon Geddes says:

    William, there are other codecs you can use. We suggest Quicktime for our products as it is cross platform compatible and is visually lossless. You can also use AVI with the free lossless UT codec. It will also produce a large file though.

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